Another Hero Who Needed a Rifle!

I have to tell you folks, I admire the hell out of anyone who has the guts to put himself in the line of fire.

On the positive side, if you can call it that, we found out who the wounded citizen is. He is a mechanical engineering student here at UI, and when he heard gunshots he grabbed his “semi-automatic .45 pistol” and ran outside to try to help. He didn’t get a chance to return fire before he was wounded. That story alone almost brings tears to my eyes. There are many who might call him stupid, or emboldened by his firearm and a fool for putting his life in danger. I call him heroic. He had absolutely no obligation to do what he did, but as a concerned citizen he ran into danger instead of away from it. I can’t help but compare that behavior to the images we saw of cops at Virginia Tech, hiding behind cars and trees as 32 people died. Same goes for officers Newbill, Shield and Jordon, who all perceived a threat and ran to do their duty instead of worrying about their own safety.

I’m in total agreement. I also think the media are shits for failing to recognize people like this for the deeds they have done. But folks, when there’s an active shooter in your neighborhood, don’t go grabbing the pistol. Grab yourself a rifle. I think somewhere there’s a rule in gun fighting that goes “Bring a rifle. Bring 5 friends with rifles.” This is especially true when going up against someone else armed with a rifle. If you have a pistol, he’s going to be able to reach out a lot farther than you can, and you’ll be relying on him not seeing you in order to get close enough. If you don’t have a rifle, it’s time to get one. You can get an old surplus SKS for under 200 bucks. It’s a great investment, and they shoot reasonably well.

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5 thoughts on “Another Hero Who Needed a Rifle!”

  1. in fact, I got my yugo SKS about a year ago for $99. not the best shooter in the world, but the trigger is fantastic, and I bet with better sights I could take out a mutant from 100 yards.

  2. And if you use a rifle, make sure you know how to fire at different angles or elevations. I’d most likely defend myself from an upper story window or roof top as opposed to level ground (in this “vicinity defense” scenario).

  3. Roof top is bad. You have no cover and no way to get on it and off it easily, unless you have easier roof access than most homes. The safest area in the home is the basement. If you don’t have one of those, or if you prefer to see the threat coming, a second story window works, but only provides concealment. Concealment in this case might be enough though, because presumably the shooter, if he’s shooting wildly, won’t ever see what hit him.

  4. There aren’t many basements where I am. But wouldn’t a basement limit your movement anyway? (I was working under the assumption that the guy is 100 yards away, not close by.)

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