14 thoughts on “Argh!”

  1. Does that make you your manager?

    Sorry… probably should not make jokes at their expenses – that certainly does suck.

  2. Having survived several of those types of actions, sometimes it’s hard to tell who actually got the better end of that deal…..

  3. I work on a tiny team, lost a good friend to cost cutting this week. Not the same scale, but the same feeling.

    My anger about it showed up in full fuego at the most inopportune time, too… in a meeting. It was hard to muzzle my big mouth.

  4. I spent almost no time in front of the computer today that didn’t involve deactivating accounts or changing passwords. Didn’t even read e-mail really. Sad.

  5. I know how you feel. The week before Thanksgiving our company lost 1/3 of the workforce. The week after Thanksgiving we lost 1/3 of those who were left over from the first cut. I haven’t had a manager for weeks.

  6. That’s rough Sebastian. Good luck surviving the next round. I’m in the construction industry and we went unscathed through the residential dropoff (well, because we don’t do residential) but now we’re starting to see some projects that we were mobilizing for drop out of the sky. Yikes. I guess we all ought to buckle up.

  7. It’s not all bad yet. My dept just hired a couple of people on temp to (probably) perm contracts and my wife just started a new job. Good thing, too, since the town is not delaying the pistol permit any at all that I can see! Gotta pay for the new guns somehow.

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