Looking for a C&R .22LR Target Pistol

It occurred to me to check the C&R market for a .22LR target pistol, since it would be easier for me to pick up something with my license than to run around to 20 different gun stores or wait for a gun show to find something I liked. I’ve discovered that the Colt Woodsman seems to be the most common C&R target pistol out there.


In good condition these seem to go from anywhere from 400-600 bucks. Anyone have any experience with these? Or know of any other C&R .22LR target pistol I should consider? I’d consider revolvers as well.

10 thoughts on “Looking for a C&R .22LR Target Pistol”

  1. If you buy the Cold Woodsman you should wear gloves so as not to suffer frostbite. However if you get a Woodsman made by Colt’s you won’t have that problem.

    Smart ass is working in my house this morning, sorry, almost :)

  2. Try a Ruger Mark I and in bull barrel if you can find it – they shouldn’t be as costly as the Colt and they shoot great!

  3. Ooops… Cold changed to Colt. One of those cases where my fingers typed something other than what my brain was thinking.

  4. A lot of the pistols made by High Standard are also C&R eligible – check Gunbroker.com for some of them.

  5. simple question i have for the group?????
    i am under the impression that only rifles 50 yrs and old are eligible for
    C & R aquisition….does that apply to handguns also???????????

  6. dear group,

    i am particularly a ruger fan. my first gun being ruger 357/38 cal security
    six in 6in barrel, stainless. due to its modular construction you can strip the
    gun down in the field with a metal phillips screwdriver.
    hammer, trigger group,yoke, cylinder comes apart to leave a solid frame
    similar looking to a single action revolver when cylinder is removed.
    also have the ruger mark 1 22cal auto. smooth accurate and trigger
    very much worked in. 5 1/2 bull barrel.
    if your thinking of purchasing a more expensive gun, as i wanted the smith/wesson model 41 22 target at 700.00 remember that the gun will always shoot better than the person holding it. glad i stuck to the ruger at 150.00 in
    the early 80s

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