What’s Your .22LR Survival Weapon?

Ahab of WWJWD talks about Survival Rimfires.  Pretty cool.  Some good points I never would have thought of:

Noise signature – .22LR isn’t very loud. If your weapon has been so modified, it can be quite easy to suppress even further, which again is an advantage if you’re concerned about giving your position away while foraging for food.

I have a Ruger MKII pistol and a Ruger 10/22 myself, though I never would have thought of it as anything more than a plinker.  But the ability to silently take down small game is a great observation for usefulness in the “oh shit” scenario.  Read the whole thing.

7 thoughts on “What’s Your .22LR Survival Weapon?”

  1. I love my old bolt action .22, but one that floats sounds awesome. I’m almost afraid to ask what the “oh shit” scenario is, though.

  2. No Ahab, the invading commies were just the vehicle used to show a story about people willing to fight for freedom. People who would rather die fighting and free, than live in bondage.

    The movie would have been just as effective if the antagonists had been muslim invaders or South American drug lord armies. However, at the time the movie was made commies were the only “hate America” group with the ability to make the storyline plausible.

    Unfortunately, there more groups now with the capability to cause a SHTF scenario. Even more unfortunately, most Americans don’t believe in freedom now and would willingly accept bondage over risk of life and limb.

  3. In place of the commies could have been American forces trying to impose a totalitarian state upon us and the story would have been just as valid. However, that is, in reality, unlikely. For you see, they have negotiated us out of our freedom. We have made deals and bartered with it. Now we find we no longer own it nor the promised benefits serfdom was supposed to have provided.

    Subjugated men cannot demand what is or should be theirs. They can only beg.

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