Illinois Gun Makers Getting Nervous

From the Quad-Cities online, it appears that opposition to the IL magazine ban is mounting:

GENESEO — When one of Illinois’ gun control bills finally broke through the Senate last week, it sent a collective chill up the spines of five local gun manufacturers and the 500 employees it could impact in the Illinois Quad-Cities area.

Last Wednesday, Illinois Senate Bill 1007, which bans making, selling, possessing, delivering or buying magazines that hold more than 10 bullets, passed 31-26. On Monday, local gun manufacturers, politicians, and representatives from the Illinois Quad City Chamber of Commerce held a press conference denouncing the Senate bill and jobs it could cost the area.

Apparently Springfield Armory is saying they will be forced to leave the state if this passes.   Springfield is apparently Geneseo’s third largest employer.  Armalite is also located there as well, with 85 employees.

Sen. Dan Kotowski, D-Park Ridge, the bill’s sponsor, said last week that the bill would limit the damage done by criminals.

‘Acknowledge the reality that there’s only so much we can do,’ Sen. Kotowski said. ‘There’s 300 million guns in the country. …Criminals are going to get guns. Why not limit the damage that they can cause?’

Are Park Ridge voters paying attention to this clown?  So we can’t get keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but supposedly magazine control will be easy?  Maybe if I take some more allergy medication this will start to make sense, but right now the logic eludes me.

Rock River Arms, Colona, has also said it would relocate if necessary. Les Baer Custom, Inc., Hillsdale, owner Les Baer was also present Monday. Mr. Baer is in the process of trying to move his business to LeClaire, Iowa. Two weeks ago, a Davenport Alderman said he spoke to Rock River Arms and Lewis Machine and Tool about moving to Davenport.

Geneseo Ald. Ed Deener, 1st Ward, said if Springfield Armory and ArmaLite move from Geneseo, ‘it would devastate us. Housing values would go down. School revenues would take a dive. It would be just like dominoes in a negative way.

‘It would have a ripple affect.’

That’s a lot of jobs!  I wonder how many other jobs support these manufacturing operations?  I guess devestating the town of Geneseo is just fine by the Chicago politicians, if it means they can avoid admitting that their local gun controls are a failure.   I wonder how the people if Geneseo feel being sacrificed on the alter of Chicago’s delusions.

2 thoughts on “Illinois Gun Makers Getting Nervous”

  1. Kotowski doesn’t care. All he cares about is passing more anti-gun bills, no matter how poorly written or ineffective. This bill is so badly written (no matter the fact it’s attached to a child-exploitation bill) that it would ban most lever actions and has no method of enforcement. How will they prove someone bought a 10+ magazine after the ban?

  2. “Apparently Springfield Armory is saying they will be forced to leave the state if this passes. ”

    They can come here to Utah, we’d be happy to see them.

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