Did You Have to Pick the Nut?

I’m very happy to see that race is playing less of a role in Philadelphia elections, which has traditionally voted along racial lines. But man, do you people have to settle on Nutty Nutter?

Seriously, any of these guys is better than John Street. But can we pick someone who, I don’t know, doesn’t want to make police state tactics a regular routine for city authorities?

Nutter has drawn fire for his proposal to allow police to stop and frisk people suspected of carrying guns as a way to stem the rising tide of violence in the city.

Fattah and the other three candidates said Nutter’s idea might subject black residents to police abuse. Nutter responded that it’s “not about race, it’s about criminals,” adding, “as a person who’s been black for 49 years, I think I know a little bit about racial profiling.”

This white non-resident agrees that it would be wrong to profile blacks for stop and frisk. Actually, this white non-resident believe that it would be wrong to stop and frisk people of any color, because it’s not how this country operates. Terry stops were meant to allow officers to frisk suspects for their own personal safety. It wasn’t meant to be a generic tool for fighting crime.

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