Left’s Ideas on Constitutional Rights

I sometimes wander across other Pennsylvania bloggers in the course of my readings, and occasionally feel like pointing out something else. I agree with many of the sentiments in this fairly well written post, but one stands out to this libertarian:

My biggest concern with Nutter has been his “stop & frisk” proposal, Nutter’s ‘stop & frisk’ emerges as flash point. I’m not quarreling with the fact that a crisis situation exists in Philly, which needs to be dealt with, based upon the gun violence that has made Philly the Baghdad of the United States. I’m just not crazy about any infringement of our constitutional rights, whether it originates from the left or the right.

As I’ve written here before, I have issues with Nutter’s “Stop and Frisk” policy. But I find this blogger’s disdain for gun owners and support of gun control rather contradictory for someone who is concerned about constitutional rights.

She also brings up the issue involving State Rep Cruz and Williams, which I have previously condemned here, here, and finally here. I would point out, though, that every political movement has it’s crazies, and most of us aren’t nuts. I would encourage folks out there who are sympathetic to this bloggers views to meet some gun owners. You might find we’re not monolithically right wing people. Our beliefs and politics span the political spectrum. I am not a religious man. I support legalized abortion. I support allowing gays to marry. I agree with this blogger that Santorum had to go, despite his strong support of our second amendment rights. I’ve met plenty of other gun owners who are more progressive than I am. But we all do share a common belief that the right to keep and bear arms is an important constitutional liberty, and ought to be treated equally to the others, and not with disdain and scorn. Is that too much to ask from some elements of the left?