Make it Hurt

As we await Mayor Street’s signature on several anti-gun ordinances recently passed by City Council, we’re faced with what to do about it. It’s not clear yet whether the city actually plans to enforce its new ordinances, or whether this will be window dressing as the election approaches, and soon forgotten about.

The big problem we face as a state is that Philadelphia incurs little in the way of cost for passing their own gun control ordinances. If they do try to enforce them, charges won’t hold up in court because of state preemption. But that won’t help keep folks out of jail, and the city will still be able to hassle gun owners. There will be lawsuits, but those will take a while to immediately hurt the city, and make it reconsider its actions.

What we ought to do is add a provision to the state’s preemption.

c) Penalties: Not withstanding any other provision of state or local law, any county, municipality or township creating or enforcing an ordinance or regulation in violation of § 6120 (a) shall forfeit any appropriations from the state budget.

Or something along those lines. If there is a cost to the city of passing and enforcing these things that would be felt immediately, I think this nonsense would stop.

One thought on “Make it Hurt”

  1. It sounds to me as though there is a case to be made that Philadelphia is trying to overthrow the government of Pennsylvania.

    Perhaps the governor should activate the National Guard and capture the leaders of the rebellion, declare martial law in the city until a new lawful city government can be established. Put on trial the former City Council and Mayor as terrorists trying to overthrow the state government, send them to jail for life.

    I take back “perhaps”, it is definitely time to stand up.

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