A Friendly Editorial

Writing in the Elmira Star Gazette, it seems high school student Danielle Schenone has more sense than the entire editorial board of the New York Times, but still misunderstands something:

The key to lowering the numbers of those who fall victim to inappropriate gun use is education and registration. All states should continue background checks and policies of fingerprinting those who buy firearms, and they also should require safety and ownership courses, much like those required to obtain a driver’s license.

Danielle is quite correct to recognize a firearm’s utility and use in self-defense, but misunderstands the difference between owning a firearm and driving a car.  One is a right, and one is a privilege.  You can put prior restraints on a privilege.  You can’t on rights.  Putting restrains on the point of sale will only affect those who are not inclined to commit crimes.  Criminals don’t obtain their firearms through legal channels.

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