A Clue This Struggle Isn’t About “Assault Weapons”

The powers that be in Colorado had Daniele Perazzi (yes, that Perazzi) arrested on suspicion of terroristic activities, because the cab driver apparently heard him talking all kinds of gun stuff.  It’s not a good time in America to be a swarthy furriner talking gun stuff, I guess. And apparently we’re the ones who are racist and xenophobic. Yah, OK.

UPDATE: It would seem the veracity of this story could be in doubt. It may be a different Perazzi. It may not have happened at all.

UPDATE 2: According to Perazzi, this story is “devoid of any foundation and the news is completely fabricated.”

6 thoughts on “A Clue This Struggle Isn’t About “Assault Weapons””

  1. TTAG reports that Daniele Perazzi passed away last year so it may be Mauro Perazzi who was arrested by the Denver PD (see update) not the Adams County Sheriff’s Deputies as originally thought.

  2. According to Wikipedia (ya, I know), it’s Daniele Perazzi, the son of Daniele Perazzi.

  3. The local news station here talked with Daniele Perazzi’s lawyer. & Codrea inhis Examiner article mentioned talking with an NRA head who was there.

    Adams county is where the merchandise mart is, so they’d be the ones normally called out. For some reason the dispatcher may have got the Denver PD to show up. That part is slightly ambiguous. I should note that the Adams county sheriff did join the legal challenge to the gun owner control laws here. Not that that clears anything up…

    According to the wikipedia article on Perazzi, Danielle, the founder, passed away, but has a son with the same given name. That would be the one arrested for being gunowner.

    But unless the local station here made up a story, including interviews (which would be a stretch for them) then this really happened.

    1. possibly Denver PD was called when the Sherriff refused to arrest him?

      Just speculation……

    2. See the update. Perazzi has put out a statement that this is completely fabricated. I have updated this post and put up a new post with their full statement. They believe that someone is purposefully trying to hurt the company’s reputation by spreading this story. If that pans out, they may be pursuing legal action: “Perazzi has allready given mandate to its lawyers to promote criminal and civil action with the purpose to protect the brand and company’s reputation and its activities conducted also in the United States.”

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