In the Mail

The ATF recently reclassified the CZ-82 as C&R, so I decided to place an order for one.

I already keep 9×18 Makarov in stock, so this pistol doesn’t require me to keep yet another caliber of pistol cartridge in stock.  I’ll get the Nagant revolver later I think.  It comes with a spare magazine.

I’m pretty sure this pistol is safe for concealed carry.  I’ll have to check it out thoroughly when it arrives.  I can get used to the idea of ordering new carry pistols off the internet.

6 thoughts on “In the Mail”

  1. Sebastian seems to have ordered himself a nice looking CZ-82 (the 9×18) through his C&R license. He mentions that he could “get used to ordering carry pistols through the mail”. So could I, and that was actually part of my thought process when I got my C&R license.

  2. The only downside is you need to keep records. The bound book is a requirement of keeping the license. But also, you should keep a personal firearms record as well. The ATF can audit you as a type 03 FFL. If they do, you want to make sure you keep good records.

  3. I should also mention that if you have any firearms go missing or get stolen, you have to fill out the same FFL Theft/Loss form that dealers do and submit it to ATF as soon as you discover it. They are supposed to then conduct an investigation.

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