Another Mass Shooter

This time in Kansas City, MO. Three reported dead so far. After a well publicized mass shooting, it seems there are always copycat incidents that follow in short order. I was hoping to escape that this time, but it appears that won’t be the case.

Fox is reporting that the shooter used an AK-47.

UPDATE: Information is still coming out about this.  Judging from what witnesses are saying, and from the type of wounding they are describing, I’m going to guess shotgun.  A witness said the guy had a sawed off shotgun.   You have reports of an officer taking a hit, and then returning fire.  Another of a victim holding his eye, having been hit.   Those types of wounds are more consistent with a shotgun hit at a distance, rather than a rifle hit.  Especially if it was a short barreled shotgun, and the shooter was using bird shot.

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