Packing The Convention

One resolution that was introduced at the member’s meeting was to allow carry, either concealed or open, at the convention. The person who proposed this resolution got turned back by security after they somehow detected that he was carrying.

I don’t know how they detected him, and have to wonder if he wanted to get caught in order to make a point. I sympathize with the notion. It’s crazy that you can’t carry at the convention, but there are two basic reasons why that’s going to be the case:

  • Most convention center venues are off limits to carry, as was St. Louis’
  • The NRA would be unable to insure the event if they allowed carry, as no insurer would allow for it, given that firearms on the floor are supposed to be deactivated for insurance reasons.

So for that reason, we’re not allowed, officially, to carry. Now, Missouri law is pretty clear on the fact that it’s not a crime to carry in any “off limits” places. Their statute basically reiterates the trespassing laws; if you’re caught, they can ask you to leave.

A motion was made to table the resolution by none other than Sheriff Jay Printz of Ravalli County, MT, who you might remember from Printz vs. US, that got a portion of the Brady Act overturned. Sheriff Printz sympathized with the motion, and said he too likes to carry concealed, but thought it was best to table it, rather than to have a vote. Despite my sympathies to the resolution as well, I voted to table it, because I understand why things are just going to be that way.

For the record, I was packing at all times during the convention, except for the very last day because I had packed the Glock up for flying back as checked luggage. If you keep concealed and keep your mouth shut, you shouldn’t have any problems. Sometimes the rules aren’t going to be on your side, which is why discretion is called for. While I normally will not flout the law, I generally pay no attention to signage. I appreciate what the open carry crowd is trying to accomplish, but I don’t think we’re ever going to go back that world. Keep it concealed, and keep quiet, is my philosophy on the subject.

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  1. I’ll also throw out there that the motion was tabled, but Sandy did say she would make sure the site selection committee kept those concerns in mind when they made plans for future meetings. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen again, it just means they will try to do some research on it and see what they find. There are many other things they must consider as well.

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