NRA Law Seminar

I’m at the NRA law seminar, waiting for it to get started. Too early for me, and I’m mildly hung over. Unfortunately missed SayUncle last night. One bad thing about Pittsburgh is none of the hotels are close to each other, and Uncle’s is four and a half miles from mine.

Speakers today you may know are Dave Hardy, Stephen Halbrook, Glenn Reynolds, Dave Kopel, Stefan Tahmasseibi, and PA Supreme Court Justice Seamus P. McCaffery.

I’ll be tweeting updates during the day. My twitter feed is here

7 thoughts on “NRA Law Seminar”

  1. Welcome to the ‘Burgh!
    You’re right, “You can’t get there from here” is so very true in so many parts of this horrendous town.

  2. Several bad things about Pittsburgh:
    1. There are two seasons: winter and construction. Sometimes they merge together
    2. It’s the place that originated the saying “you can’t get there from here”.
    But it’s *my* city and I love it (kinda, sorta)
    It was a fun time on the exhibit floor; we were part of the group that opened it at 9 am and it got more crowded by the hour.. At lunch I welcome quite a few people to the ‘Burgh, including an OC’e from Virginina. And … the NRA staffer who I spoke to was famiiar with this blog.
    Have a grreat weekend!

  3. Echoing “BurghGunOwne” above, I’m in Pittsburgh now and finding “you can’t get there from here.” Even the taxi drivers complain about getting around in this place. The people seem nice enough, but the geography of this place has some special challenges when you add 70,000 to the mix.

  4. 6pm and no wait at Primanti Bros, not the normal line out the door. Lots of open tables.

    Oh well.

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