“Boobgate” Continues

I can remember a while ago reading Ann’s post on Jessica Valenti’s picture appearing with Bill Clinton before it became the controversy it is today.  For the record, I thought it was a legitimate challenge to that group of bloggers.  Ann’s latest post is a good reminder of what was being asked:

And I still maintain that it was absolutely justified to mock that photograph. Distort what I was really saying there all you want, but the fact remains: Cozying up to Bill Clinton is not something a feminist should be doing…

I don’t see why that’s not a legitimate assertion.  I can see why some people would be upset by this, but does it really warrant a witch hunt?  Can reasonable people no longer disagree?

2 thoughts on ““Boobgate” Continues”

  1. “Can reasonable people no longer disagree?”-Sebastian.-

    Depends, if you disagree with me, you are not reasonable,because I am never wrong.

    See the problem,yet?

  2. Ann’s only real offense is that she hotlinked an image on another blog. That’s a breach of netiquette.

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