Keep Talking Bill

Barack Obama might have done more than any other President to help boost the firearms industry, but it’s hard to argue that he beats Bill Clinton when it comes to boosting gun rights organizations. Every time Bill says something like this

“They have a lot of advanced notice now. I think the biggest problem that the president’s got is that the lifetime — it’s the — the danger that people who want health care will be disappointed and stay home; that happened to me,” he said.

Clinton added that the National Rifle Association also played a bigger role than it’s credited in turning over Congress during the 1994 Republican revolution.

They were mad about this whole weapons ban and the Brady Bill, and they probably took 15 of our House members out. That was their number, they said between 15 and 20, and I’d say, at least on the low side, they were right,” he said.

… it just adds to our political reputation. Obviously Clinton wasn’t our best buddy. Sometimes I wonder if senior Brady Campaign people don’t have a picture of Bill on their desks, next to the wife and kids, which they stare at wistfully, thinking of better days. No President has ever put more on the line for them than Bill Clinton. But Bill Clinton’s willingness to be honest and forthright on the backlash from gun owners has helped our political reputation immensely, and destroys the credibility of the gun control groups when they try to argue we’re a paper tiger — a ghost story that Democrats like to tell their kids, “Don’t support gun control, or the gun lobby will get ya!”  All I can say is, “Thanks Bill!”

Hat Tip to Dave Hardy for this one.

3 thoughts on “Keep Talking Bill”

  1. I won’t dispute that the Assault Weapons Ban probably had a lot to do with ’94. But there was, as there is today, a lot more to it I think.

    If Obama and the Left want to delude themselves into thinking the reason ’94 happened was because they did NOT pass Socialist Health care, well, I’m more than obliged to let them keep thinking that.

    Add to it that nearly every form of “Preventive Medicine” includes provision about firearms, after all, they are dangerous things, and cost the medical system uncounted holy gajillions of dollars, you know.

    It’s gunna be a fun year!

  2. The NRA took out 15-20 Congressman… that would be a BAD news headline.

    As if they shot them.. right there.. in a line.. beside a mass grave.

  3. Patrick, my old neighbor, a cat-piss-mean old fur trapper (and my mother’s second-cousin), used to say it should be done at low tide, to eliminate the need for all that digging. On the numbers, he was more inclusive.

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