Day 2 – Kalashnikov Moments

Sometimes when you’re in West Texas with a lot of guns and ammo, you just have to get a few pictures of some Kalashnikov moments:
Climbing up to the shooting stand with both my Kalashnikov’s slung. Normally her family uses this as a blind, but I prefer shooting down on the target, so that there is less danger of ricochet. There are two generations of Kalashnikovs showing on my back.
Bitter snapped this one of me walking around their property. I was told by Carrie’s mom that it was unwise to walk about the property unarmed, because of the wild pigs and predator cat they’d seen prowling about. Who am I to argue?
Carrie in the stand with my AK-74. We were shooting at paper and clay bird stationary targets at about 50 meters from the stand. Anyone that can figure the Pythagorean theorem can guesstimate the distance to the targets.
Bitter took this pic of me in the Jeep, I call this pose my Mogadishu moment.
We wreaked some havoc on this poor cactus plant by using it as a backstop, so to speak, firing from the stand. Cactus plants are hardly an endangered species on her property, but clearly some tree hugging types would be upset by this.
Carrie in her Kalashnikov moment. Carrie is a few months shy of 21, by the way. Since folks with the Brady Campaign consider this a child, clearly she is a menace to society posing with my Kalashnikov here.
Shooting the AK-74 out of the old Jeep at the only location where there was sufficient back stoppage. I was impressed that Carrie could hit the clay birds on targets stands with fairly good regularity at 100 meters with iron sights. She really liked the AK-74.

For all you single gun blog readers in your early 20s, Carrie is single and available ;)

3 thoughts on “Day 2 – Kalashnikov Moments”

  1. I love the AK-74. It’s the Lady Kalishnakov. The Kalishnakova, or even Kalishnakovenka, if you will.
    Still loud as hell, though.

  2. There’s probably some Spetsnaz guys out there who would get upset to hear you call it a “Lady Kalashnikov” :) Mikhael Kalashnikov himself, though, would probably agree with you. He thought the AK-74 was a mistake, and never should have been brought forth.

    Of course, The Russian Army now issues the AN-94 Abakan to Spetsnaz units, so maybe they too secretly agreed with you, and decided a more manly rifle was in order :)

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