Happy Friggin Birthday (To Me)

I’m past the age where I really care anymore, which would be 33 as of this morning.  Thirthy three is one of those ages where you’re not sure whether you can say you’re in your early thirties, or have to start saying mid thirties.  I think I’m OK with a rule that says 33 is early thirties, and 34-37 are mid thirties.  Having late 30s be only two years sounds rather acceptable.

10 thoughts on “Happy Friggin Birthday (To Me)”

  1. I’m terrible with dates, so I appreciate the reminder. Happy birthday, duder.

  2. I say you’re early 30’s and we all know it’s my opinion that counts, right? :)

    Happy birthday (again), hon!

  3. Zeron,

    oooh, i need to see new pics of the munchkin ;) BTW, its Skyla from dden

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