Their Blood is On Your Hands, Bloomberg

Most of us have heard by now about this:

Nicholas Todd Pekearo and Eugene Marshalik, two of the city’s nearly 4,500 auxiliary police officers, responded to the shooting and approached Gavin, who crossed the street and fired at them. Auxiliary officers are civilian volunteers who wear uniforms, are unarmed and help patrol streets.

The volunteer auxiliary officers were hit, and died in the line of duty. I have to hand it to any man or woman who would risk their lives like this in an attempt to save others, and these two officers should be regarded as heroic for what they did.

In Bloomberg’s response to this whole thing:

He also called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday to urge her to act – and said that if she didn’t she’d have blood on her hands, the mayor said.

No, I’m sorry, this is pissing me off, Mike. If anyone has blood on their hands it’s you. That’s right you, you prat. I whole heartedly support the idea of volunteer auxiliary police, but you do not put people in to harm’s way by asking them to put themselves into a position to confront violent criminals without having the proper tools to defend themselves. Firearms are not mystical devices that take years of proper training to master. I could teach your volunteer police officers to shoot competently enough in a weekend to deal with an armed crazy walking the streets of your city shooting at people.

No, it’s not Nancy Pelosi who has blood on her hands for ignoring the gun issue, it’s people in positions of power like Mayor Bloomberg who refuse to accept that his city’s gun control laws are an abject failure, and have only chosen to disarm the innocent and leave them easy prey for people like David Garvin.

Those two brave auxillary officers can be counted as two more victims that have been sacrificed at the altar of Bloomberg’s religious beliefs on gun control.

3 thoughts on “Their Blood is On Your Hands, Bloomberg”

  1. This brings to mind a movie quote (I love movie quotes):

    Gorman: Apone! Look… we can’t have any firing in there. I, uh… I want you to collect magazines from everybody.
    Hudson: Is he fuckin’ crazy?
    Frost: What the hell are we supposed to use man? Harsh language?

    From the 1986 movie Aliens. I would seem that harsh language is all Bloomberg expects his volunteer police to be able to use also. Not terribly effective on people who are intent on violence, and have the means.

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