Target: Pennsylvania

First we get an alert from the NRA about another barrage of hearing arranged by the usual suspects in Philadelphia. Then I pull up the Brady Homepage and notice a PATH graphic with link displayed prominently. Aside from the usual loads of bullshit like:

Under current law, a person can go into a gun shop and buy 10, 20, even 30 handguns without incident.

Except for the fact that the dealer has to fill out an ATF form and submit it to them inform them that they’ve made a sale of more than one handgun to an individual. Under Pennsylvania law, licensees are also required to inform the sheriff of the county the sale takes place in that he made a sale involving more than one handgun. So while PATH would love to have you believe you can just do this under the table without regulation, they would be deceiving you.

The advocates of one-gun-per month have never been able to offer up sound evidence that this type of trafficking, rather than more informal purchases through friends and family, is a significant source of crime guns. Considering the amount of ATF and state oversight that’s already in place on multiple gun sales, I find it difficult to believe it’s significant.  It should also be pointed out that Richmond, VA, in a state that already has a gun rationing law, has a much higher level of violent crime than Philadelphia.

It’s interesting to see what groups form PATH, which is your usual suspects in the Pennsylvania anti-gun movement, including Cease Fire New Jersey, who want to bring the Garden’s state’s wonderful gun control laws to Pennsylvania, so presumably we can have the same overall violent crime rate that they do.  Oh, but I forgot, we already do have pretty much the same crime rates.  Of course, some of New Jersey’s numbers are higher.  And they achieve all this without a major city like Philadelphia!

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  1. I thought I heard that it was four guns or more to get the form… But then again, my memory is bad and the site I read it on may have been wrong.

  2. The form is ATF 3310.4 for reporting the sale of more than one pistol or revolver to the same individual within a five day period.

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