Another One Gone – Mayor Wolf

Mary B. Wolf, Mayor of Williamsport, PA (North/Central PA) has resigned from Mayor Bloomberg’s coalition of gun haters.  I guess folks in Williamsport have some good sense, which is a lot more than I can say for John Street and the other Philadelphia politicians:

I have learned that the Coalition may be working on issues that conflict with legal gun ownership and that some action on your behalf are dubious.  I have also learned that other mayors from cities large and small across the country have withdrawn their names as supporters of the Coalition.  This letter informs you that I too, am withdrawing from the Mayors Coalition Against Illegal Guns.

Thanks Mayor Wolf, for choosing to no longer associate with this group.  You do your city and our state a good service.

5 thoughts on “Another One Gone – Mayor Wolf”

  1. Mayor Wolf.
    You are in my words ” A Great American.” for telling Bloomy to shove his cabal. I’ll bet it feels good to see what he and his agenda was all about.
    Elmo C Sherman

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