Bitter and I have been preparing for our trip to Texas for a week of shooting time fun. We went up to Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA this weekend to stock up on some needed goods. For one, we needed some ammunition, and some misc camping supplies. I decided to was time to pick up a Surefire 6P and holster. I generally carry a flashlight on me because I find it useful, and it’s a good idea. This replaces my older halogen, which isn’t nearly as bright or durable as the Surefire.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning guns and figuring out plans. The hardest decision to make is what guns to take. I can’t take everything, because I don’t have room. But so rarely do I get to shoot on a large chunk of private land, that I’m going to take most everything if I can. On the list so far to go:

  1. AR-15 Carbine – If I could only take one rifle with me, this would be it. The only problem is, 5.56x45mm is damned expensive these days.
  2. AR-15 – This one has optics and a standard 20″ barrel and fixed stock. The carbine is my “grab and go” AR. This one is just for fun.
  3. AK-47 – If everything else breaks, I know this one will still works.
  4. AK-74 – Same as above, except that it has very mild recoil, and I have about 2000 rounds of ammo for it… all of it corrosive. If I can get rid of even 1000 of it here, that means I get to have a lot of fun for only a single cleaning. After that I can replace it with non-corrosive ammo.
  5. PSL – Time to try some long range shooting with this. I suck at shooting this, hopefully I can get better.
  6. MosinNagant – As long as I’m taking 7.62x54R along for the PSL, might as well.
  7. 10/22 – Because if I’m going to shoot all day, I need something I can afford to shoot all day.
  8. Glock 19 – This is what I carry, so it goes, and travels on me, except through Maryland, because their politicians suck ass.
  9. Ruger MK II – Because I’m already taking a lot of .22LR, and there’s room. It’s also fun to shoot.
  10. S&W 629 Classic – Texas has crappy laws about having to carry concealed if you have a license. When I hike in more remote parts of PA, I’ve been known to open carry this pistol loaded up with some hot .44 mag soft nose. For Texas, I got some snake shot too. I don’t plan on gratuitously killing any snake we see, but if one gets too close to camp, and doesn’t make on its merry way, I thought it was a good idea just in case. Most of the rattlesnakes in PA I have familiarity with (timber rattlers) are pretty non-aggressive, and generally avoid confrontations with humans. I’ve seen timber rattlers before, end never had any cause to get aggressive with one. Western Diamondbacks are more aggressive, and I’m not familiar with how much more aggressive.
  11. Makarov – Every outing needs at least one to shoot. Carrie thought that the star on it looked like a Texas star, even though it’s a commie star. But we can pretend for a week.

So that’s the list. At least what I’m taking. Bitter will have her own additions. Carrie as well. Should be a fun week. The drive down should be a blast too. On the way there, and on the way back, we’ll be stopping in various places to meet some folks.

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  1. Yeah, Texas doesn’t allow open carry in public.

    However, if you’re on private land, you can carry openly (regardless of permit status).

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