Return of the Zumbo Zombie

… the issue that just won’t die!

Over at SayUncle, it would appear the Zumbo thing arises from the dead yet again. I agree with Unc that it would seem Zumbo is getting it. Let’s welcome him back to the party, because it would appear he’s been gotten to by us crazy frothing at the mouth gun nuts who’s brains have been programmed by the NRA super secret thought control machine to seek out and destroy anyone who doesn’t toe the NRA line educated.

Sorry, couldn’t resist poking a little fun at the lefty view of things there ;)

One thought on “Return of the Zumbo Zombie”

  1. As I have explained before, the only way for me to believe Zumbo is “getting it” now, when he didn’t “get it” in 42 years of writing about it is for him to convince me he is really that stupid.

    Otherwise I think all his self-flagellation and “seeing the light” by shooting Nugent’s AR and taking courses, etc. (I am surprised he hasn’t said he feels “empowered”) is nothing more than Betty Ford for shooters. All publicity with an appropriate amount of mea culpas and testimonials to a higher ethic and “having learned the lesson, just don’t make me pay for it ” crap to salvage a career.

    My opinion is subject to alteration if he can prove he really is stupid. Otherwise I don’t believe his overnight epiphany. He has a better chance of getting me to hold the sack at a midnight snipe hunt.

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