Don’t Hate Me!

There’s a few things about the making of this blog that I feel it’s time to reveal publicly. I once said it would be a cold day in hell when I left the LiveJournal world to start a real blog, because I had a hard time finding things to say, even on there, and figured blogging wasn’t worth the trouble. So what got me into it?

Well, the truth is, I started this blog to impress a chick. Some of you might have already figured out who I’m talking about. About three months ago, a love interest I had been persuing for some time finally said it wasn’t ever going to happen. A little discouraged, I was talking to a friend, when an idea popped into my head:

Sebastian: I think I totally need to figure out how to meet Bitter Bitch
Friend: ?
Sebastian: Namely the comments
Sebastian: She’s single and seemingly unattached!
Sebastian: I need to start posting crap on my LJ about how much is sucks not to have a girlfriend
Sebastian: Now… is she sort of quietly hinting she digs guys over 30? :)
Sebastian: Single, gun toting chick who only dates guys over 30? Where do I sign up?

This was really just a joke, because I figured it was a snowballs chance in hell of actually scoring a date with her, but eventually, Bitter made a fateful post:

I’m gonna be up forever now. Damn. Use the first day of the year as a sick day? :)

No, I’m better than that. But my ass may be dragging tomorrow. On Google Talk as bitter.chick if anyone else is up and bored.

I saw an opportunity, so I added her to my GTalk client. A  few days later, she responded:

Bitter: hello?
Sebastian: hi
Bitter: i saw you added me, so i thought i would be friendly
Sebastian: Yeah… saw your post last night…
Sebastian: I’m Sebastian… BTW

And then finally:

Bitter: why are you mostly just a commenter? you seem to have really good comments, how have you resisted the drug that is blogging?
Sebastian: I’ve thought about it, but I don’t know if I could keep up enough volume to keep people interested

Well, that was all that really needed to be said. A few days later, I registered the domain, set up WordPress, and got started. There was no way I was going to miss a chance to impress Bitter! My inner traffic whore was to be released.

As we kept talking, it became increasingly obvious this was going somewhere. We agreed to meet at the National Aquarium at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, and then have some drinks afterwards. We lost track of time talking to each other, and didn’t end up leaving the bar until close to midnight, and I didn’t get back home until 2AM. After that it was definitely going somewhere. We haven’t gone a weekend without seeing each other since, and that was more than a month ago at this point.

We decided things were going so well, it was time to stop beating around the bush with undisclosed locations and mysterious other bloggers. We’ve decided we like each other enough to become an official couple, and be seen at parties and other social events together.

No matter how much time I spend with Bitter, or how much time I spend talking to her through GTalk, I never tire of her company or conversation. I can’t ever imagine that changing at this point either, because we seem to be wonderfully compatible. And I’m glad she got me into blogging, because it’s a lot more enjoyable than LiveJournal.

But don’t hate me, please, for taking an alluring, young female gun blogger off the market! It started out as a joke, I swear! I sure am glad that it didn’t turn out that way, though. We’ll be attending the NRA convention in April, so if you’d like to say hi (or strangle me for snatching her up), let me know. We’ll also be passing through Roanoke, VA, Knoxville and Nashville, TN, Waurika, OK, Northern Texas, and a few other places in that vacinity very soon, and we’re regulars in the Philadelpia and DC area, so if you’d like a chance to strangle meet me, and meet Bitter, be sure to let me know!

17 Responses to “Don’t Hate Me!”

  1. Annie says:

    You’re so cute when you’re infatuated.

  2. Ahab says:

    Well, that certainly explains a lot.

  3. Bitter says:

    Hehehe…remember that we literally closed down the bar at that first meeting. They were already closed and we were locked in, but I think they didn’t want to interrupt us. :)

  4. Brad says:

    So, you mean to tell me that when you said you were going off to “un-disclosed locations”, you weren’t hanging out with Dick Chaney in his terror-proof bunker?

  5. Sebastian says:

    If Cheney was there, he was very well camouflaged.

  6. carrie says:

    You might want to clarify that the part of Northern Texas you’re going to is hundreds of miles from anywhere :)

  7. Sebastian says:

    So I’ll be going to TX with three other women and a car full of guns and ammunition it seems? This should be a fun week :)

  8. straightarrow says:

    Nobody goes to Waurika, Ok. unless they had previously escaped there and are visiting family still there.

    I know, I grew up fifteen miles north in Comanche. Same deal.

  9. straightarrow says:

    Oh, and you’re being piggish all those girls and guns too? For one man? I env…uh hate you.

  10. Alcibiades says:

    Was bitter the one that turned off you MySQL server that one time? Or was it one of your other “mistresses”?

  11. Sebastian says:

    It wasn’t Bitter. It was Joy, and ex girlfriend I’m still friends with.

  12. Bitter says:

    I would know better than to turn off the blog. :)

  13. SayUncle says:

    So, is the happy couple still swinging by knoxville?

  14. Sebastian says:

    That’s the plan Unc. Saturday the 10th at around 1:00PM probably.

  15. SteVe says:

    Dang, I’m jealous!

  16. Kevin Baker says:

    You both do understand that your presence at the Second Annual Gunblogger’s Rendezvous is a must, right?

    I think we can find an Elvis to marry you, too, if you’re so inclined at the time. ;-)

  17. Bitter says:

    Kevin, no worries, there will be no Elvis themed wedding. We’re thinking more like a Ted Nugent look-a-like.

    Kididng. At least I am, I just hope he was. Otherwise, I’ve got some bad news for him. :)


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