Maryland Assault Weapons Ban – SB43

Pro-Gun Progressive has the scoop:

[T]he first question I was asked was universally “what do you need with an assault weapon.” I explained that it wasn’t a question of needs, but a question of rights, but then quickly moved into the pragmatics of the issue–I responded that the most commonly used target and competition shooting rifle in the US was the AR15, probably followed closely by the M1A. I pointed out that the weapons they were looking to ban do indeed have sporting purposes, and that hundreds of thousands of law abiding Americans use them lawfully every day.

I’m glad to see my evil twin representing us so well. It’s very important that the false meme that these rifles have no sporting use is debunked and stomped on. That’s never been true, except in the Bradys’ collective minds.

Good showing to everyone in Maryland. Two hundred and ten folks will definitely make the politicians pay attention. The best news of the day:

As for the bill’s fate, last I heard was that Sen. Jacobs was fairly certain it would die in committee. But this is a dangerous one, and needless to say it bears watching.

Indeed, but color me impressed guys. I think you just killed an assault weapons ban in a fairly anti-gun state! Good show!

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