Dave Hardy Warns of False Flags

Of Arms an the Law has some thoughts about “false flag” operations:

The problem here is that folks who like the first may assume (as traditionalists) that traditional values apply. People may be taken at their word. The other side is not obsessive, but has rational limits. If they say they only dislike AR-15s and certain handguns, they must mean it. There are no “false flag” operations. A group with shooters and hunters in their name is a group of shooters and hunters, and a blog named “The Gun Guys” must be run by gunnies.

That’s an interesting observaton I hadn’t thought about before.  It’s my hope with “Gun Control and Hunting Day”, I’ll be able to unmask some of this.  It’s not my intention to drag out the whole Zumbo thing.  As far as I’m concerned that’s water under the bridge now.  But I would like to get a collection of writing out there that associates gun control with its effects on hunters.  Hopefully this will turn out.  I’ll be working on it a bit more tonight.