Working on A New Feature

Back when I got the blog started, I decided to do an all day feature called Full Auto Day.  The entire Jim Zumbo affair, and the shooting and hunting communities response to it, has prompted me to start work on another all day feature called “Gun Control and Hunting Day”, where it’s my intention to highlight how gun control laws, both on the books and proposed, in the jurisdictions the anti-gun folks uphold as their models, has harmed the hunting communities in those states by making firearms difficult, or very risky to own.

I’m hoping that the feature will be seen by hunters, and help them understand that the same culture of urban sophisticates that wants to take away our black rifles, doesn’t really care what it does to hunting.  It’s all part of a lifestyle, way of thinking, and philosophy, that’s utterly repugnant to these types of folks.  None will be spared in the end.

Posting might be a bit light, as working out all the posts, along with the research, will take some time.  By all means, if you think you have something I should cover here, let me know via comment or e-mail.

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