DOJ Puts the Smackdown on Bloomberg

This is great!

The New York Daily News reported Thursday that Michael Battle, director of the executive office for United States Attorneys at the Department of Justice, sent the letter warning Bloombe rg’s administration that it could face “potential legal liabilities” if such sting operations continue. Battle also said the Justice Department will not be filing criminal charges against any of the 15 gun dealers targeted by Bloomberg’s 2006 lawsuits over alleged “straw man” purchases. Such operations lack “proper law enforcement authority,” Battle’s letter stated.

UPDATE: Original NYDN article here

According to a letter sent to City Hall, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and various U.S. attorneys’ offices have determined the city’s findings against the 15 dealers “do not rise to a level that would support a criminal prosecution.”

Great right? Well, maybe not:

Asked if the Bloomberg administration plans to stop conducting the sting operations, Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler said, “Not necessarily.”

“The city hasn’t violated any laws,” Skyler said defiantly, adding that the city will continue to pursue its civil lawsuits against the gun dealers.

I think the ATF needs to start arresting people if they try this stunt again. Starting with Bloomberg. It would seem hs administration isn’t taking this letter as fair warning.

4 thoughts on “DOJ Puts the Smackdown on Bloomberg”

  1. Hold it! This isn’t great news. Bloomberg and his minions violated laws that have landed everybody else that violated them in jail. He is told to quit? And not because it is illegal, but because they are on someone’s else’s turf. How the Hell is that good news?

  2. It’s good news because Bloomberg is being bitch slapped by the same system that screws the rest of us over, and that he’s an advocate for. It’s a bit of poetic justice. I wasn’t really meaning to say anything about the law being good.

  3. A real bitch slapping would put him in jail where others have gone for far less and far fewer felonies.

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