What’s Going on With the NSSF?

Dave Hardy points to an NSSF1 statment warning gun owners about Rudy Giuliani and his record. Now, I totally agree with the NSSF on the matter of Giuliani, but what doesn’t make sense to me is why the NSSF is cozying up to Mitt Romney, who’s record on the second amendment is nearly as despicable.

What has Romney promised or stated to you guys that make you feel okay about him? I’d really like to know. I don’t exactly trust the NSSF, because it was the manufacturers that got us the GCA ’68 importation restrictions. I don’t always expect that NSSF’s interests align themselves nicely with the shooting community, but they aren’t doing themselves, or us, any favors by blowing kisses to someone this early in the game. Especially someone like Romney, who has a record of banning cosmetically incorrect guns, among other things.

1For the non-gun blogger types that read, the NSSF is the National Sports Shooting Foundation, which is the group that represents the interests of the gun industry. Despite what the anti-gunners say, the NRA does not represent the industry, they represent the shooters. The two organizations don’t always have like agendas. Romney was invited to SHOT, which is the NSSF’s trade show, a few weeks ago.