Talked with NSSF

Bitter and I both talked with one of National Shooting Sports Foundation‘s public relations guys, the same guy SayUncle talked to, and he was emphatic that NSSF does not endorse the conclusions of that report.  This report was meant to throw out ideas, and the purpose of the summit was to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

From my point of view, I emphasised that NSSF needed to be careful.  In the age of the Internet, it’s very difficult to have much of any control over the means and rapidity that information is disseminated.  The old Internet adage that “Information wants to be free” very much applies here.

While I understand and agree the industry needs to be presented with new data and ideas, and debate the implications, it needs to, nonetheless, be very careful about what it puts its name on.   There was no indication in the report that the action items in the report weren’t endorsed by NSSF.  Add that to the fact that there were numerous items in there, because of poor choices of language, would be good fuel for the gun control movement, and you have a recipe for a big problem.  And that’s not even mentioning the damage that can occur from within the gun rights movement itself.

So I am glad to hear that NSSF is distancing themselves from these ideas.  I’m as much of a handgun shooter as I am a rifle shooter, so I appreciate that others in NSSF recognize the importance of those parts of the shooting community, and don’t seem ready to throw handgunners under the bus.

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  1. what percentage of the population lives in cities and has only access to indoor ranges?

    That kind of stupid crap is going to tick off a whole helluva lot of folks. At least I HOPE it does

    Zumbo distanced himself after the shitstorm clouds started forming too, but the damage was done..

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