NSSF Responds to McCarthy

They set the record straight here. I’m surprised they didn’t say anything about living in gated communities. Given what a cottage industry most firearms manufacturing is, the accusation by Chicago’s top cop was risible. Hell, I’d be surprised if the Cerberus Capitol people, who own Remington, a large manufacturer, and many other smaller ones, are still living high on the hog given all the money they lost with Chrysler.

3 thoughts on “NSSF Responds to McCarthy”

  1. Markie Marxist sez: “The Second Amendment as a government conspiracy against African-Americans? Hmmm. I’m not sure we can run with that. It seems to lack what we call “traction”. It’s likely to just run in place, as in, “not going anywhere”. Even our African-Americans, as reliable a constituent group of our Democratic Party as they are, aren’t likely to go along with our “freedom is slavery” ruse that far. I mean, the radical ones will, of course, they buy whatever we sell them, but the rank and file constituents are likely to just laugh at a fool, white guy talkin’ sheet, IYKWIMAITYD.”

  2. Perhaps it’s time for NSSF members to simply stop selling firearms and ammunition to Chicago PD.

  3. If the antis hate guns so much, why not just buy the gun companies and lock the doors?

    I mean Howie Metzenbaum or Teddy Kennedy could buy Ruger or Smith and Wesson for what they have in the checking account.

    It’s not about the guns; it’s about the control.

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