3 thoughts on “Two Bills Need to Be Stopped in the California Senate”

  1. I’ve contacted my representative Overlords, but with little hope (and perhaps some fear) that they will deign to recognize such a lowly minion.

  2. Don’t worry. With the governator he will either sign them both or veto one and sign the other. Just like the last time.

    No matter how much you complain, its worthless when those in power don’t listen. And they don’t unless they agree with you.

    kalifornistan. Always moving backwards. Even canada knows its a waste of money but money is no object when it comes to citizen disarmament. I would think that they have more things to do like dealing with that 60 billion state deficit they have than restricting guns. But thats lib logic for you.

  3. I’ve been sending letters/faxes since AB1810 was in the Assembly committees, but legislative weenies who “represent” this area are mindless drones for the party line on gun rights.

    Ah well, time to start warming up the Governator on these idiot bills. Maybe he’ll pay attention if I Tweet it to his account.

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