Let the Race to the Bottom Begin

It seems that the Philadelphia mayoral race might come down to who’s been shot the most. For the record, I’ve never thought Dwight Evans to be a bad guy. I don’t agree with him most of the time, but I think he’d make a better mayor than John Street. I’d hate to think that being shot scores you sufficient political points in Philadelphia politics that the candidates feel compelled to recall these incidents to gain advantage over each other in the race.

2 thoughts on “Let the Race to the Bottom Begin”

  1. I know… talk about me-too-ism… if Evans was running against Max Cleland he wouldnt have a leg to stand on…

  2. I think Fattah has the leg up on the shooting thing over Evans. It depends on what he meant by “food service”. If he meant pizza delivery, I’m not really shocked. Saying “I was once shot when I worked pizza delivery” is like saying “I was once shot when I worked the arms bazaar in Mogadishu”, it’s just not that heroic :)

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