Congressman Peterson’s Editorial

Go check out Congressman John Peterson’s editorial in CenterDaily, in regards to I-80 tolls.

Tolling of I-80 has little to do with solving Pennsylvania’s transportation and infrastructure problems. It has a lot to do with paying off debt and fixing problems that should have been addressed years ago.

Until, the governor and our leaders in Harrisburg find the courage and political will to take on the likes of Philadelphia’s Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and the Turnpike Commission and start managing our transportation system properly, they will be tolling every highway in Pennsylvania.

I agree here.  I’m not in favor of continually dumping money into SEPTA.  SEPTA has to reform itself, and at least develop a modicum of efficiency and accountability, before I’m going to agree to dump massive amounts of state dollars into the system, no questions asked.

One thought on “Congressman Peterson’s Editorial”

  1. Last summer, I and my daughter traveled from Montana back to Michigan for a family reunion. All was well as we motivated down ’94 from Minneapolis toward Chicago. As soon as we hit the Illinoiing border, we came to the sad realization that we’d chosen the wrong route! Illinoiing is now installing toll booths throughout the state to collect additional taxes to ostensibly pay for highway improvements. Average speed before hitting Illinoiing…75. Average speed after hitting Illinoiing…35. GPS doesn’t lie.

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