A Warning to Democrats

Dave Kopel points us to a study done by the Independence Institute that showed the NRA can actually influence elections.  I think they are using a limited number of elections here.  You’d have to use more to draw solid conclusions, but it’s interesting, nontheless.  Particularly in the conclusion:

So, does the NRA have any political impact? The answer is yes. This interest group gathers information on gun control and other issues important to the members, disseminates the information to the membership, represents its members to elected officials, reports to the membership the behaviors of elected officials, and helps shape public opinion on some issues. Put another way, the NRA is like a political party, but one that cuts across the current two-party alignment.

I’d like to see copies of this passed out on the Hill to all the Democrats, to inform them, and to serve as a very subtle warning; cross us at your own peril.  Read the whole thing.

More on Service Rifle Competition

I mentioned in my last post about service rifle competition being a legitimate sporting purpose for AR-15s.  But if you have a G3, Kalashnikov, FN/FAL or what have you, you’re out of luck.  For NRA people that might read this: want to do the EBR community a big favor?  Create a class of competition for other military patterned rifles.  Why restrict it to just the rifles the US military uses or has used?

I’ll Second That Endorsement

Apparently Sandy Froman has quite a collection of NFA items. What’s not to love about that? I’ll be happy to second that endorsement. I would really like to see the NRA doing more to stick up for those of us who own, or want to own, arms covered under the National Firearms Act. Getting rid of it would be nice too, but one step at a time.

UPDATE: Bitter offers a much more rousing endorsement of Sandra Froman than I could possibly muster.  She’ll definiely be on my ballot, and I hope yours too.