Gun Rights Inserted into RNC Leadership Debate

Ken Blackwell is campaigning to be chair of the RNC, and many posts and stories have mentioned in passing his election to the NRA Board this last year.  However, he recently announced that he earned the endorsement of Sandy Froman, and the featured letter highlights his support for the Second Amendment as a key reason for the endorsement.

Ken has been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and respects every individual’s fundamental right of self-defense.  I strongly support his candidacy and urge my friends on the Republican National Committee to join me in supporting Ken Blackwell.

I actually came across the announcement after reading about the most recently released step in a GOP resurgence.  I like it, at least based on what details Hotline provides.  I think it gets back to grassroots, something that we as gun owners are generally pretty good at.  If we make ourselves a key coalition in that grassroots effort, then we’ll see more outspoken pro-gun lawmakers.