Congresman Peterson Responds on I-80 Tolls

Congressman Peterson has an editorial responding to a previous editorial in the Allentown Morning Call that I blogged about here. I agree with the Congressman that tolling I-80 would be a negative for the Commonwealth, and wish him the best of luck in stopping it at the federal level. UPDATE: Looks like plans are moving … Continue reading “Congresman Peterson Responds on I-80 Tolls”

Good I-80 Toll Editorial

This CentreDaily editorial is pretty spot on: Making I-80 a toll road is, at best, a quick fix and would disproportionately affect those living near the swath the highway cuts through the Keystone State countryside from New Jersey to Ohio. Worse, it would greatly expand the authority of the highly inefficient, patronage-laden Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. … Continue reading “Good I-80 Toll Editorial”

Trucking Industry Against I-80 Tolls

I’m glad to see the trucking industry coming out against the tolls.  It’s a stupid idea, and to add to the stupidity, they are studying the possibility of doing the same thing to I-95. Currently, to see Bitter, in Virginia, I pay the 3-dollar tolls in Delaware, both ways (actually, I’ve been bypassing them now, … Continue reading “Trucking Industry Against I-80 Tolls”

Putting The Fast in “Fast” Eddie

Looks like the legal work on the I-80 toll issue goes to the Governor’s law firm.  Conflict of interest?  Bite your tongue! Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D) has handed his former law firm millions in payment for legal work on plans to toll Interstate 80 and privatize the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Over a period of about … Continue reading “Putting The Fast in “Fast” Eddie”

Someone Needs to Get This to Rendell

Toll roads apparently divert traffic and increase accidents. The researchers analyzed decades of data from the Ohio Turnpike and nearby alternate routes in Ohio, comparing both to national data to determine the effects the toll rates had on nearby free roads. Ohio raised toll rates in the 1990s and subsequently lowered them, allowing an easier … Continue reading “Someone Needs to Get This to Rendell”

I Guess He’s Alive

Apparently Senator Casey and Senator Specter are taking separate positions on I-80 tolls in Pennsylvania.  I think Center Daily is on drugs, because their positions sound the same to me: But U.S. Sens. Arlen Specter and Robert Casey, in separate Ag Progress Days news conferences, took divergent stances. Casey said he supports the position of … Continue reading “I Guess He’s Alive”

Congressman Peterson’s Editorial

Go check out Congressman John Peterson’s editorial in CenterDaily, in regards to I-80 tolls. Tolling of I-80 has little to do with solving Pennsylvania’s transportation and infrastructure problems. It has a lot to do with paying off debt and fixing problems that should have been addressed years ago. Until, the governor and our leaders in … Continue reading “Congressman Peterson’s Editorial”