Congresman Peterson Responds on I-80 Tolls

Congressman Peterson has an editorial responding to a previous editorial in the Allentown Morning Call that I blogged about here. I agree with the Congressman that tolling I-80 would be a negative for the Commonwealth, and wish him the best of luck in stopping it at the federal level.

UPDATE: Looks like plans are moving ahead on tolls anyway.

2 thoughts on “Congresman Peterson Responds on I-80 Tolls”

  1. One of the reasons I travel through Pennsylvania is the lack of tolls on I-80 and thus the easy access to Ohio and the Midwest. If tolls are added to I-80, I’ll just drive on the Southern Tier Expressway through southern New York and skip the new tolls. I suspect a lot of truckers will do the same.

  2. I was on I-80 just yesterday. The road is already pretty nice and smooth, save the construction which slowed everyone down. This is of interest since I’ve been on toll roads that were shitty despite the tolls.

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