Odd News on Blue Trail Range

We’ve followed the saga of the Blue Trail Shooting Range up in Connecticut for a while now.  It seems there’s a new twist in this sorry story that’s very strange.  It would seem our villain this story, Pat DiNatale, who argued that the reservoir adjacent to the Blue Trail range was contaminated with lead, is … Continue reading “Odd News on Blue Trail Range”

Blue Trail Range Update

Blue Trail Range has been out of the news lately, but it looks like it’s still operating with its safety improvements.  We’ve blogged about their trials and tribulations often here.  Reader TacDriver ran some ballistic calculations on the range, based on topographical data.  As results indicated, the house that complained about being hit is in … Continue reading “Blue Trail Range Update”

Yet Another Blue Trail Range Safety Study

I think by the time Blue Trail Shooting Range puts this nightmare behind them, it might well be one of the most studied range in the country.  The town of Durham is now harassing them funding a new safety study of the range. Blue Trail is the only public outdoor shooting range left in all … Continue reading “Yet Another Blue Trail Range Safety Study”

Blue Trail Range In the New York Times

This article is fairly balanced for the Times reporting on a firearms issue, but I notice they fail to mention that DiNatale is a developer looking to develop property around the range.  My own ballistic analysis of Blue Trail a while ago revaled that DiNatale’s property was in the ballistic shadow of the mountain.  The … Continue reading “Blue Trail Range In the New York Times”

Blue Trail Back in the News

Looks like a state police investigation has determined the bullets that were hitting houses had to have come from Blue Trail: “It’s the same report every single time,” Pasquale “Pat” DiNatale, a Durham homeowner whose property has been struck by bullets over the years, said Friday. “It’s always the same conclusion, but no one ever … Continue reading “Blue Trail Back in the News”

Blue Trail Range Fundraiser

The Blue Trail range fundraiser, to help raise money for their mounting legal bills, was a great success.  One of the gun bloggers managed to attend: One thing of note that concerned me. (And I apologize if this offends anyone.)  But I was rather distraught by the general age of the attendees. Many being what … Continue reading “Blue Trail Range Fundraiser”

Blue Trail Opens Today

Blue Trail Range is opening the 100 yard firing line today, with approval from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. “We reached this conclusion as a result of our careful assessment of the many physical improvements that have been made to the 100-yard shooting area at Blue Trail and improvements in operating procedures that the … Continue reading “Blue Trail Opens Today”

More Trouble for Blue Trail

Blue Trail is the last public outdoor range in Connecticuit.  It would be a horrible loss to the shooting community to lose it.  After bringing in experts to verify that the houses that claimed to be hit could not have been, it would seem that developer Pat DiNatale is taking up a new approach: lead. … Continue reading “More Trouble for Blue Trail”