Blue Trail Opens Today

Blue Trail Range is opening the 100 yard firing line today, with approval from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

“We reached this conclusion as a result of our careful assessment of the many physical improvements that have been made to the 100-yard shooting area at Blue Trail and improvements in operating procedures that the management has committed to implement,” McCarthy said in a written statement issued late Wednesday.

“We were able to make this assessment with the assistance of our Environmental Conservation Police unit, which had several senior officers inspect the range and which has special law enforcement and military expertise in firearms and range safety,” she said.

This is good news.  It would be a pity to lose this range because of one sleazy developer with a slick media game.

2 thoughts on “Blue Trail Opens Today”

  1. Dave Lyman ( the owner of the range ) went through this garbage 6 years ago. Then, like now, after a complete investigation by the State Police, it was determined that the rounds could NOT have come from Blue Trail. I wish Dave would sue this scumbag for loss of revenue. Closing down a few weeks before Camp Perry? I can’t even imagine how much money he lost.

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