Blue Trail Back in the News

Looks like a state police investigation has determined the bullets that were hitting houses had to have come from Blue Trail:

“It’s the same report every single time,” Pasquale “Pat” DiNatale, a Durham homeowner whose property has been struck by bullets over the years, said Friday. “It’s always the same conclusion, but no one ever does anything. When does it stop? When do they do something?”

Ah yes, the same developer we’ve been dealing with before.  Who’s home, I might add, is in the ballistic shadow of the mountain ridge.  Trimountain road is also largely in the ballistic shadow of the mountain ridge.  It’s certainly possible that rounds fired from Blue Trail Range are hitting these homes, but it’s unlikely.

3 thoughts on “Blue Trail Back in the News”

  1. Maybe the homeowner is shooting at his own house and claiming it’s coming from the gun range in an effort to get the range shut down because he doesn’t like the gun range.

  2. More likely he’s shooting his own house and his neighbors because:
    A. he’s know to use his own property for shooting and hunting.
    B. He’s a developer who would like to be able to build more mcmansions where the range is.

  3. I’ll go with “A” and “B” – if this is a multiple answer test.

    Might be interesting to do a ballistics test on any firearms he owns.

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