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From a comment on social media:

You know, it would probably help put a lid on all this Q-Anon bullshit if our social betters could do everyone a favor and actually stop touching kids.

I’d say I couldn’t agree more, but I can, since it’s my comment. I’m sure once they let our sniffer-in-chief back out among the people, it’s not going to get any better.

2 thoughts on “From the Internets”

  1. Maybe what we need to do is stop deluding ourselves that there is correlation between sexual proclivities and the embrace of bullshit “ideologies”.

    Trumpniks will luxuriate in the fact that Weaver was a founder of the Lincoln Project, the same way liberals get into stories of televangelists cruising airport men’s rooms. But in either example the subjects are just creepy people acting inappropriately on their sexual urges.

    I might suggest that there appears to be a correlation between people engaging in sexual abuse at various levels, and people who seek power over others; but then I’d have to get into my theory that all ideologies are just bullshit tools for imposing power over others, without some of them complaining about it or resisting very much.

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