Aimed Squarely at Roberts

Dems are threatening some court packing if the Court actually puts some teeth in the Second Amendment. Roberts is very concerned about the perceived legitimacy of the court, so I believe these Dems are trying to scare him into dismissing the case using arguments that will be likely to sway him.

I can tell Roberts that nothing will endanger the legitimacy of the courts more than failing to secure a robust Second Amendment right. This isn’t just calling a penalty a tax and feeling good you dodged the issue: you’re talking about erasing an amendment out of the Bill of Rights by judicial abrogation.

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  1. I’m not surprised at how bold they have become – only that it took this long……

  2. This should be disturbing to anybody. Unfortunately a large portion of the population has been led to believe the constitution is a guideline from old dead white guys that isn’t relevant and doesn’t/shouldn’t matter …

  3. “I can tell Roberts that nothing will endanger the legitimacy of the courts more than failing to secure a robust Second Amendment right.”

    I used to think it was an actual quote, whose source I could never find; then a friend told me it was actually a sentence spoken by a character in a novel or short story.

    In any case, someone once wrote that “Even the Supreme Court watches election returns to find out what the constitution means.”

    I can think of more examples to prove that, than to disprove it.

  4. Roberts will capitulate. I’ve said it before; SCOTUS will NEVER rule in favor of the Second Amendment ever again. Even if the bill outlawed all private gun ownership with door to door confiscation in the execution without trial of everyone who has ever owned guns and everyone who opposes it. Every court including the supreme court will say its constitutional. Of course at that point the government has no legitimacy anymore but that’s what the nukes will be used for. Because I suspect democrats would be fine with nuking people to achieve gun free progressive utopia.

    You have to understand the mind of a leftist. There’s only one thing they care about: power. They do not care how they keep or maintain that power or even how they get more power.They hate everyone not like them and want everyone not like them subjugated or dead. They want all gun owners dead. And they do not care about the means method or body count. If they had to deploy nuclear weapons on United States citizens killing a third of the entire population to achieve and cement that power they would do it in a heartbeat.

        1. Let me ask you this? What are the chances of him capitulating? What are the chances of the Supreme Court never ever siding with the Second Amendment again? What are the chances the supreme court will side with the government on every single solitary gun case from now onto forever? I don’t think he will answer those questions because they scare you. I have absolutely no faith in the courts. Judges want gun owners dead as much as progressives. Also what are the chances of universal background checks which is firearm registration being passed in the next three months?What are the chances that Republicans will capitulate when the sweeping gun ban bill which will probably make every single semi automatic everything illegal passes the house?

          What’s sad is Trump will probably veto the sweeping gun ban after Republicans vote for it. Republicans want guns banned as bad as Democrats. The only reason Republicans don’t vote for sweeping gun control is because they would lose power. That’s it. And given current political trends they will have their complete and total gun been by 2025. At the latest.

          Do I want to be wrong? Yes. But given population trends we are going to have a one party system by 2030. A one party systems that wants us forcibly disarmed and preferably dead.

  5. Let’s review Roberts Caving.

    1). Obamacare, twice.
    2). The US Census
    3). 2nd Amendment?…..He’ll cave on that too.

    What’s most heartbreaking is that as Mitch McConnell and President Trump have already caved on Universal Background Checks (Registration for Confiscation), House Democrats are going to pass a HCMB and AWB to send to the US Senate.

    Turncoat, Scumbag Republicans named Adam Kinzinger, Brian Mast, Brian Fitzpatrick, and Mike Turner are loving them some Assault Weapons Bans, too.

    After all,…….”DO SOMETHING”!!!,….Screamed the mob of Shrieking Banshees, Bill Of Rights be damned.

  6. The Constitution and rule of law mean nothing. The political whims of the day easily overrule them. If no one takes their oaths seriously, what’s the point of administering them?

  7. Roberts brought this on himself by capitulating on Obamacare twice.

    1. It’s the Republican Party mantra…….just surrender to the Democrats to hope they’ll “like” you.

  8. Umm Worrisome but not probable. Threatening the Supreme Ct is massive mistake I expect

  9. It’s an empty threat. Because regardless of what the Court does the Democrats intend to pack the Court. And I don’t think the Democrats will succeed in packing the Court any more post 2020, than they did the last time they tried back in 1937.

    1. Pretty much as they have an agenda beyond 2A. Question is, is Roberts aware enough to see this.

    2. They didn’t have to pack the court in 1937. They just threatened to, then got every single thing they wanted. And the Constitution has never recovered.

      1. But they will carry out that threat this time around. As someone whose Father’s side of the Family emigrated from the Domican Republic, I will say that my Grandfather is rolling in his grave watching America become like the Despotic Socialist Country he fled.

        The Democrats are all-in on riding that train of good ‘ole “Demographics”. The ever increasing numbers of Hispanic Voters of this Country are voting to recreate the Socialist Dictatorships and Progressive-Despot, Statist Societies that they’ve fled.

        The Democrat Party packing the Courts, regardless of whether that begins in 2021 or 2025 (all depending on the 2020 Election) will quicken the process of making America a One-Party, Communist Country like Venezuela.

        1. “my Grandfather is rolling in his grave watching America become like the Despotic Socialist Country he fled.”

          When did your grandfather flee? If he was fleeing Trujillo I’d say he was fleeing fascism more than he was fleeing socialism, but I want to avoid debating definitions of fascism. On the other hand if you’ll agree that Trujillo was a fascist, then I’d argue that later socialism was a reaction to too much fascism concentrated in one man, one time, one place. Often when you pull a pendulum too far in one direction, it flies off the hook swinging in the other direction. I think the United States is destined to experience that.

  10. Rule 1: Never underestimate the willingness of a Republican to give the Dems more than they could’ve dreamed of. He will then apologize to you and tell you how valiantly he fought.

    Rule 2: Never underestimate the willingness of the average R voter to look at the guy screwing him over and praise Jesus that at least his sodomizer is wearing an elephant jersey.

  11. “Never underestimate the willingness of a Republican to give the Dems more than they could’ve dreamed of.”

    Have you ever considered that when that happens, they’re really “giving the Dems” what the Rs always really wanted themselves, but they could never say so without offending their “base”?

    But your Rule 2 is right on. Go back, find my Old Story about the NRA bending over backward to provide cover for gun-grabber Tom Ridge in Pennsylvania in 1994 and 1995. Then see if you can find anyone else who still remembers it. The comprehensive gun control bill that became Act 17 of 1995, was listed as one of the NRA’s “legislative triumphs” in the October 1995 American Rifleman.

    If gun owners don’t mind being sodomized by Republicans, consider for a moment who trained them to that.

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