Losing Ground Among Gun Owners

Latest Fox News poll, which is being touted by The Trace and no doubt being put in front of lawmakers too, shows NRA has lost ground in approval among gun owners. That’s going to be spun as gun owners coming around to gun control. That’s a lie, but that’s how it’s going to be spun, and the FAANG corporations will do their level best to make sure we can’t get our message out. We all know the reason for this drop is the utter chaos reigning at NRA.

NRA’s high favorables have always been one of its strongest assets. Wayne is pissing that away as we speak. I don’t know how, at this point, any member of the NRA Board can argue with credibility that Wayne can be allowed to remain EVP. He’s got to go. You have to restore confidence.

The time for that was yesterday. Wayne should have retired in 2016 when Trump was elected, we had the House, and things were looking about as good as they were going to get.

People who knew NRA well knew there were a lot of problems like this for a long time, but we also knew the NRA was still working pretty effectively and that fixing the problem would be more painful than letting it continue. We’re all complicit. It’s not just Wayne. But it has to be fixed now. The person primarily responsible for this mess is still running the show. That can’t stand.

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  1. As much of a ‘bi-polar hypocrite’ that Michael Savage can be on Gun Rights Issues, I’ve been hearing him bash the “Conservative” Media as money-milking hypocrites that are just spouting off through the media to make a quick $buck.

    The NRA now with Wayne has definitely left that image amongst Gun-Owners, and that includes me as well. If anyone is curious to check out more polls at Real Clear Politics, Trump’s Approval Numbers have been falling since he began pushing for more Gun Control…..So long as Jared and Ivanka are his Senior Advisors, they will keep pushing him Leftward on other issues until he is essentially defeated in 2020.

    Regarding the Republican Party as a whole, they’ve stabbed me in the back and p***ed in my face on many issues.

    Failing to repeal Maobamacare; failing to tighten immigration laws; actual Tax Reform (Not just cuts); continuing to support more Free (phony) Trade with the Countries hollowing out the US Domestic Market, and more.

    I expect them to betray me on 2nd Amendment issues too.

    1. Personally I’m still pissed about the machine gun ban that the NRA said not to worry about, it will be repealed within a year…..

      But I still support them as the best hope we have, sadly.

  2. Curious to hear your take on Tom Wolf and the EOs, as well as potential PA garbage laws in the legislature.

  3. I got a call today from them about renewing my membership, as “it’s important to stay United in these times”.
    My response that Wayne purging Chris Cox, the Ila leadership, and some board members didn’t seem very United got an awkward pause, a thanks for responding, and a hang-up. Things might actually be getting through to some people.

    1. Those callers are not employees of NRA (however some may be NRA members) but of a call center company, contracted to do the marketing.

      The odds that any complaint will make it from there to NRA HQ is exceedingly remote. And unfortunately, IMO that’s one of the main reasons membership drives are done that way.

    2. Yeah, harassing the people they contract do marketing with does absolutely nothing.

    3. I bought my boys life memberships last year, intent on upgrading mine and my wife’s this year, but they won’t get another dime until WLP is gone…

  4. I gave up on the NRA when it became readily apparent that they will endorse whoever gets the R nomination. They could always choose to not endorse anyone. Instead, regardless of the candidates past history, they will endorse them if they are the Republican nominee.
    Their further throwing gun owners under the bus has only underscored why I quit the NRA and joined the GOA. The GOA understands that they have to defend everyone.

  5. “NRA has lost ground in approval among gun owners.”

    I have my own theories why that is so, but for now I’ll stick to my Old Stories:

    Sixty years ago (I’ve been an NRA member almost that long) the NRA “image” was nothing but “staid.” I just can’t think of a better word. To become a member you needed to be endorsed by a LEO or military officers, or someone with similar standing. If polls had existed and been done, I’m sure “approval” would have been over 90 percent.

    I never lived in a house with indoor plumbing or a telephone until my 23rd birthday; but on my 18th birthday I scraped up the $5 (I think it was) to become an NRA member. A good part of my motivation was, the “image” of what I was joining; socially it was a piece of my motivation to be “movin’ on up.”

    I just mourn all the ways that was squandered. Some of it by subversion by our enemies, but more of it just squandered by our well-meaning “friends.” There is just too much history to analyze, and even hindsight isn’t always 20/20.

    Remembering my own youth, and returning to a recent thread — I think about how somewhere out there, are guys living in leaky trailers, and whose kids aren’t getting needed dental attention, who were scraping up the money to keep up their NRA memberships — while Wayne LaPierre used the money for four-figure suits; I don’t care how few, over how many years.

    Call me a late-arriving SJW, but I see how “staid” no longer applies. And no, it has nothing to do with gun control.

  6. I’m pretty sure the board exists to protect the EVP’s interests at this point.

    Unless Wayne had a sudden pang of conscience, the only way to recover this thing is at the next member’s meeting, or to try to salvage something from the corpse after the NY AG is done.

  7. I sent off an email to the NRA contact page letting them know that I was unhappy that Wayne is still around and that he has to go if they want my continued support. I’ve got six months before my next renewal, I’ll be waiting until he goes or the very last second and make my decision there.

  8. Wayne must go. Period. He has compromised himself and the entire organization.

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