That Some Condescending Click Bait Right There

I’m reluctant to help the troll troll, but it’s one of those things where I don’t like the tone at all, but I’m not really sure he’s all that wrong in some of his points. I do think gun owners need to get serious.

But when it comes to reconnecting disconnected young men to their communities, getting them off the online fever swamps, and out of their parents basements, the gun culture isn’t part of the problem, it’s part of the solution.

The Left: “These disconnected young men living in the fever swamp of the chans are murdering our citizens where they live, work and shop!”

Also the Left: “Let’s enact policies that will further alienate young men and remove their sense of citizenship and community.”

10 thoughts on “That Some Condescending Click Bait Right There”

  1. I think we’re supposed to be offended by the term “ammosexual,” but if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past decade or so, it’s that we must be accepting of (if not enthusiastic proponents of) every sexual prediliction and perversion that exists. The shoe’s on the other foot now, JD. 922(o), the NFA, and the GCA are unconstitutional laws preventing me and thousands, nay millions of others from freely expressing our ammosexual love. Those laws and others must be repealed post haste.

    1. Just as the Harvey Weinstein scandal revealed a monster who masked himself by overt Leftism, I suspect that the “ammosexual” insult is revealing homophobes who mask themselves by overt Leftism.

    1. “Just to alert people to who’s flipping Trump on Guns”

      The only person who can flip Trump is Trump, but I don’t think he believes in anything but Trump. I doubt he even hates immigrants and Mexicans all that much. They’re only a tool he’s willing to use.

      What’s going on with the Breitbart story is that disinfo is being leaked so that the blame for what he’d going to do will be diluted. When I mentioned Reagan’s support for gun control in California a few days ago, we saw how important it was to some people that he alone not be blamed. He asked for the law, and signed the law, but he wasn’t alone in making it happen. So, he could be forgiven. When enough people are to blame, no one is to blame.

      Trump is going to sign gun control legislation, and we’re being set up to say God Damn that bitch Ivanka!

  2. IMO the online cesspool is a symptom of something broken culturally and societally, not the cause. In general, people are by and large lacking in purpose and structure, especially young men, which leaves them adrift and disconnected, when eventually leads to rage and insanity.

  3. The left: “We don’t care about white men, They are the scum of the earth only useful to get us more power and we want them all to die.“

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