Perceived Weakness

He’s right, you know. I should just note that my beef is with Wayne, not the NRA, it’s mission, or it’s position against banning private transfers. If Trump wants to be a one termer, cross us. Absent guns, I have no reason to show up to the polls to vote for Republicans. None.

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  1. Guns are literally the republican party’s only redeeming quality. I can’t help but wonder how many more people would vote democrat if they simply eased up on gun control.

    1. I’ve said for years that if the democraps had not had their idols massacreed, and the Black Panthers hadn’t gone so openly radical in California, which all happened so close together in the 60’s that it really sent them into gun-grabbing hysterics, it’s probable they would have instead eventually considered RKBA as a major civil rights issue (which it is) and gone all SJW on it.

      It could be almost reasonable to consider that they may have gotten to the point of demanding that the government subsidize gun purchases for the indigent and since there was already M1 sales, expand the inventory available, like – maybe ‘neutered’ – M14s & M16s.

      Just consider a party that is all progun with the rest of the Free$#!+ they promote.

      Or, I can just be daydreaming.

      1. “the Black Panthers hadn’t gone so openly radical in California”

        What did the BPs do that was so radical, besides legally open carrying while black? That really pissed off Reagan, so I guess it must have been pretty radical.

        1. Reagan didn’t rule California by decree. Both the Dems and GOP passed the measure. Stop blaming one person for the inevitable and predictable fear that those in power have for armed citizens, of *any* color.

          The only difference to today is that the GOP at least aren’t the ones worried about armed black me anymore.

          1. “Stop blaming one person”

            I’m not blaming one person. I’m just saying there was one person who demagogued the issue and then signed the legislation as governor.

            Reagan demanded the legislation. Then he signed what the parties voted for and put on his desk.

            Check it out. Watch Reagan do his demagogue thing at around 0:54. Reagan sounds pretty pissed off, to me.

            If you can tell us that maybe something was “out of context” we’ll listen to what the real story was. It just seems to me that people who ask for legislation, vote for legislation, and sign the legislation, are all equally responsible for that legislation. That includes the chief executive who requests the legislation, and then signs it into law.

            1. “the Black Panthers hadn’t gone so openly radical in California”
              That’s your only problem?
              From your other posts, what I get is it looks like you simply want to get into pissing matches here.

              I’ll end it with this.

              OCWB? Radical enough back then to negatively inspire more than enough California Sunshine politicians of all parties when the BP marched on the effing state capitol. Or did that occurrence conveniently slip your memory?

              Promote Legislation & Sign Bills Into Law ?
              Yeah, that’s what state Gubbernors do. It’s in their job description as it were. If MoonBeam Brown had been in office I bet he’s have done the same damn thing.
              All I get is it’s clear you hate the man so badly that you have to be reminded before you’ll assign co-responsibility to all the rest of the parties involved.
              Democrap as well as Republitard.

              Walking around OC rifles?
              52 some odd years later when a white guy went Open Carry with a arm-braced AR pistol into a Walmart a week after another white guy shot up a Texas Walmart and killed 22 people is still radical enough even in white majority SW (Guns is US!) Missouri to get the white County Prosecuting Attorney to files felony charges that can net a 4 year vacay in the State GreyBar Hotel chain

              If you’re trying to make some point about racism; As they say in Vegas, “You’re making your point the hard way.”

              1. “From your other posts, what I get is it looks like you simply want to get into pissing matches here.”

                If what you are looking for is an echo chamber, there is a big cave near Kutztown I’ll sell you.

                Right now the 2A is threatened and the NRA is in shambles, and most of it can be blamed on unquestioning adherence to long time conventional wisdom, after it was becoming strained. For just as long a time, questioning conventional wisdom would get you shouted out of most gun rights forums. When doubting and challenging conventional wisdom is transformed into apostasy, trouble is on the horizon. Now trouble has already arrived and you’re still complaining. Saying trouble has arrived is now trolling?

                1. No. You picking a fight like you’re the he-bull in the room is what your trolling is. And as you don’t own this blog, your suggesting I leave it is just confirmation of this.

                  You didn’t address one point about answering your
                  (WTF?) questioning that the BP were doing radical $#!+ in California in the mid 60s.
                  You trying to tell us you think they weren’t? Please.

                  Come up with some other rational argument that parading armed around OC and up to Sacramento wasn’t radical enough to be proximal to politicians in both parties going off on their own radical gun control tangent.
                  Especially when another politician had had his brains blown out by a radical leftist.
                  You concentrate the mind of politicians and give them an excuse and you get knee-jerk reactions. Was that all planned, or what?

                  This isn’t Piper’s Lone Star Planet, and MLK’s and RFK’s assassinations inflamed the excuse to roll out more federal gun control, this time by Democrats and signed by a Democrat President. I figure your condemnation of Johnson will electronically arrive shortly.

                  If you believe that you’re the one here with more 2A sanctification than anyone else, that has gone to your head, swelled it and inflated your ego.

                  So where’s your blog?

        2. The resulting legislation was called the Mulford Act. I remember reading about it in the Stars and Stripes right before I came home from the Army. But since I was getting short, it didn’t occupy my mind as much as it normally would have, and I think I forgot about it before I voted for Reagan in 1980. The NRA sure didn’t play it up. I remember Reagan grinning on the cover of the October (think it was) 1980 American Rifleman.

          Wikipedia has about as good a summary of Mulford Act events as any.

          Mulford Act

          The Mulford Act was a 1967 California bill that repealed a law allowing public carrying of loaded firearms. Named after Republican assemblyman Don Mulford, the bill was crafted in response to members of the Black Panther Party who were conducting armed patrols of Oakland neighborhoods while they were conducting what would later be termed copwatching.[1] They garnered national attention after the Black Panthers marched bearing arms upon the California State Capitol to protest the bill.[2][3][4]

          AB-1591 was authored by Don Mulford (R) from Oakland, John T. Knox (D) from Richmond, Walter J. Karabian (D) from Monterey Park, Alan Sieroty (D) from Los Angeles, and William M. Ketchum (R) from Bakersfield,[5] it passed both Assembly (controlled by Democrats 42:38) and Senate (split 20:20) and was signed by Governor Ronald Reagan on July 28. The law banned the carrying of loaded weapons in public. [6]

          Both Republicans and Democrats in California supported increased gun control. Governor Ronald Reagan, who was coincidentally present on the capitol lawn when the protesters arrived, later commented that he saw “no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons” and that guns were a “ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will.” In a later press conference, Reagan added that the Mulford Act “would work no hardship on the honest citizen.”[7]

          The bill was signed by Reagan and became California penal code 25850 and 171c.

          I went off Reagan pretty much by the end of 1981. As our Pennsylvania Dutch are alleged to say, we get too soon old and too late smart.

          1. This is also a textbook example of how not to advocate for gun rights.

            I sort-of understand why the Black Panthers patrolled the streets with weapons — although, of all the organizations I would want to patrol *my* street, the Black Panthers would be the *last* on my list (particularly with what I know of them now, from “Red Son” by David Horowitz).

            Marching into the capital itself, with guns out in the open — I *cannot* see how that would change the minds of people already considering an anti-gun bill.

        3. They legally open carried guns right into the California Legislative floor. This spooked a lot of the California Representatives and Senators, and they passed a major piece of gun control shortly afterward.

        4. Well, that and killing cops. The BP were simply hood rats that found a way get over on clueless white lefties.

      2. You don’t understand the Left; In all places, at all times, and in all flavors, they hold certain things in common. Among those, is that the populace must be disarmed. That it happens before or AFTER the revolution doesn’t matter.

        They understand too well the power of an armed people; that’s often how they end up getting into power. But it’s a door they always take pains to close firmly behind them.

        Never believe the Progressive Left will value gun ownership, beyond their own (The Elites, that is).

    2. “Guns are literally the republican party’s only redeeming quality.”

      No, talking good shit about guns is their only redeeming quality. Actually doing anything for gun rights, not so much.

  2. The problem is that Wayne is the NRA and the NRA is Wayne. Remember, if you don’t support Wayne, then you don’t support the NRA and are a Bloomberg stooge. This has been the drumbeat from the, now, 73-member Board for months now. NRA members, like me, are just innocent bystanders, hence my lack of support for the NRA as a whole for a while now.

    President Trump’s press conference today should be an eye-opener for everyone: In fact, President Trump is already planning a Rose Garden signing ceremony for gun control legislation and executive action:

    I am pretty sure that the current NRA leadership was waiting exactly for a situation like we have now, just to make sure they can have a white knight moment for Wayne LaPierre and start fund raising again. This looks more like the predicted train wreck to me. Frustrating!

    1. The video of President Trump’s press conference today. After the initial segment on gun control in this press conference, he goes over a number of other aspects and returns from time to time to gun control. It seems very important to him to “do something”. The NRA’s red flag law is a given. The NRA has given that up (read, invented it) over a year ago. This will be way beyond that.

  3. Trump had already lost me at bumpstocks, in terms of I had decided to not vote for him.

    He now has the opportunity to earn my vote again. Should he waffle, I will go from to not voting for him to actively opposing him.

    I would be surprised if I were the only gun owner in the country thinking this way, but maybe I am.

    1. They’ve already jettisoned free trade. Now they’re throwing gun rights under the bus. There’s nothing for me in that party.

      1. There is simply no such thing at “free” trade with a communist dictatorship that does not recognize property rights – that is, China.

        I am all for free trade, but explain to me why Europe is allowed to impose tarrifs on wine double what the US imposes? “Free” trade implies both the US and Europe at least charge the same tarriffs.

        So bring on the free trade: China protects property rights, especially intellectual property, stops manipulating the Yuan, and Europe levels tariffs to the same rate as the USA. But I doubt that they will do this unilaterally, without pressure.

        And if they dont, we dont have “Free” trade – simply unfair trade. So if they wont come down, why cant we go up?

        1. Amen. That’s why I’m not a Libertarian anymore.

          This Country needs to return to Federalism, Classical Liberalism, and Domestic Free Market Protectionism.

          1. Oh, I remain a Libertarian. I simply understand that when dealing with non-Libertarian actors, then Libertarianism doesn’t scale.

            Those who are accepting of the coercion of others will never be impressed by Libertarian ideas, in principle or in practice.

            1. To get anywhere, the Libertarian Party has to be viable. The people at the city/county level are usually okay, but when they run at the state, and especially federal level, they almost always turn out to be idiots. Those two clowns that ran in the ’16 election, I wouldn’t have voted for them for local dog catcher. They were an absolute embarrassment.

              1. “the Libertarian Party . . .they almost always turn out to be idiots.”

                I’ll write this kind of quiet, because I left the LP roughly 25 years ago and I’m no longer exactly proud of my association, but:

                I was LP county chairman in the early 1990s. During my tenure we ran a county candidate who was endorsed by the county daily newspaper, and who got the most votes any minor party candidate (except Perot) had ever gotten in the county. The county media had begun to insist that we be included in “tripartisan” activities with the two major parties. We achieved county-level ballot status for the LP for the first time in Pennsylvania.

                Not long after our local candidate’s big vote-getting success our county committee was legally deposed by the LP state committee for being “inactive”. I.e., not wasting time and effort on the things they wanted us to waste our time on. (See “idiots”, above. If you’ve been involved with any minor party I’m sure you know the phrase “If you want to be a political party you have to act like a political party.”)

                I left amicably, and moved on to try to apply the things I’d learned to the gun rights movement — which I already had been involved in. But what I learned is all political organizations are the same. All of them.

        2. And while we are at it, how about everybody stops making us pay the entire freight for pharma R&D,

    2. Congrats. You have swallowed the leftist line hook, line, sinker, rod, reel and boat. You think President Biden or Warren will be a “friend” to gun owners? Too bad you had to die on bumpstock hill, but the sun still comes up. What we need is Trump in office to replace 2 or 3 more SCOTUS justices and to continue putting conservative judges on the bench. Now if your gruntle is to dissed, I suggest you look at what Trump DOES instead of what he SAYS. And if you think “we’ll show them Repubs by not voting”, then look forward to at least 8 years of another socialist administration like the half-white Obama.

      1. President Biden or Warren will be happy to inherit President Trump’s bump stock ban, as it creates legal precedence to pretty much ban all semi-automatic rifles and many semi-automatic pistols.

        Since a bump stock converts anything that it is attached to to a fully-automatic firearm, all semi-automatic firearms that accept a bump stock are readily convertible to a fully-automatic firearm and therefore fall under the 1986 ban.

        We looked at what President Trump said and did. People like you called it chess vs. checkers. Guess what? Check mate!

        Pointing to socialists to excuse President Trump’s betrayal is ridiculous. You simply justify that we should not fight for any of our rights and just ask the Dear Leader for mercy.

        1. Wow. Where did you go to law skool? You should demand your money back. Since you don’t know. Trump signed an “executive order”. It is being challenged in court and the final resolution is years away. As to it being a “Precedence” for banning semi-auto anything, in your dreams. I havn’t seen a “bump stock” for a 1911 or a Glock. As to your last statement, I can’t tell what you are trying to put forth. Are you trying to say it’s time for the “Bull Moose” party again?

          1. I simply cited a recent lawsuit:

            I know the bump stock ban is being challenged in court. I donated money to that cause. However, SCOTUS has already denied the preliminary injunction, so it is an uphill battle.

            Did I say semi-auto anything? Did I say anything about 1911’s or Glocks? What does existing law say about attaching any stock to those guns? Have you ever heard of the concept of an AR pistol?

            Calm down, you will be able to keep your precious 1911, for now. LOL.

            Even if SCOTUS for some reason decides that the bump stock ban was illegal, the NRA already gave them up and we will be in the mess of bump stock ban legislation with NRA and Trump support. That’t why I said, check mate.

            1. So you didn’t say in the email above: “creates legal precedence to pretty much ban all semi-automatic rifles and many semi-automatic pistols.” So again, get that refund from your law skool. Is there a memorial to the patriots that died defending bumpstock hill? So sorry for your loss. Better stock up on armor piercing Arrows so you can fight the Abrams with your bow and arrows.

              1. I said “creates legal precedence to pretty much ban all semi-automatic rifles and MANY semi-automatic pistols.” I didn’t say “banning semi-auto anything”, which is what you simply made up. You will keep your 1911. Fudd!

                I guess reading that article was beyond your mental abilities. I am sorry if I offended you. I typically don’t discriminate against the mentally challenged.

                1. So you are denying your own quote as you quote from it. Got it. Mentally challenged? Yah, you are.

                  1. No, I am saying you purposely misquoted me, since you had no argument.

                    If you had read that article, you actually would have had an argument. That article clearly states: “None of that means this lawsuit will succeed.” That, however, doesn’t mean any future legislation or executive action won’t succeed.

                    1. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA So I “misquoted” you by quoting exactly what you wrote and then denied writing? OK, you win. You look pretty with the lipstick but I’m getting out of the pig pen.

                    2. Please show me where I said: “banning semi-auto anything”. I am waiting…..

  4. The Democrat field is going so far left most want to eliminate the entire private health care sector. Warren and Sanders are the greatest gift to the 2020 Republicans since Nancy Pelosi.

    But keep in mind: Republicans are not immune from being susceptible to Bloomberg money. Bloomberg is not afraid to donate to either side if it suits him. I do not think its a coincidence that gun control progress in FL and some other places had a big hep from local Republicans. He is much smarter than the NRA since around 2010 – the “R” in NRA has become synonymous with Republican.

    1. Bloomy has had very little success. He is a complete nonfactor.

      1. That’s just not true. We wouldn’t be in the position we’re in now if he were failing. What the gun control movement lacked is money. Organization, fundraising, communication, coordination, lobbying…. all takes money the movement didn’t have. That’s no longer an issue for them. And his wise investments are now paying off in a big way.

        1. Bloomberg’s biggest asset has been Big Tech as well.

          West Coast, Liberal Billionaires make Bloomberg look like a joke. Bloomberg’s money was having no success until the 2017 Off-Year Election Cycle. That’s when Big Tech went all in as the Democrat Party’s Politburo and Political Mercenary Campaign Wing.

        2. We wouldn’t be in the position we’re in now if he were failing.

          We would be, because there are other reasons than him.

          What would have happened across the country is exactly the same thing if he did nothing.

      2. I’d disagree.
        1) Bloomburg has done a good job helping anti gun dems win primaries and state level offices.
        2) MDA has some degree of grass roots. As an example, They had a booth at the Central PA 4th fest this year. State College is a college town, but normally it’s pretty apolitical and even moderate to conservative during the summer when college is out. There was zero pro gun presence at 4th fest, BTW.

  5. Not only Trump but the senate majority if the RHINOs pass universal registration and I Hate You red flag orders.

  6. I can think of lots of reasons to vote Republican but guns are a big one. Judges, foreign policy, including trade, main street over Wall Street, whacking the tech oligarchs, and of course the parade of horribles from the other side. But guns are big.

  7. Trump has 2 Wallstreet, Liberal Democrats in his ear as Senior Advisors…..Jared and Ivanka Kushner.

    Those 2 have been a thorn in the side of Trump keeping to his promises. If they turn him on Guns, Trump’s Presidency is OVER!

      1. “his son is a big supporter of gun rights.”

        For everyone named Trump.

        I think that is the same principle as the way Ted Kennedy opposed gun rights, for everyone not named Ted Kennedy.

  8. As was a NeverTrumper in 2016, and one of my primary concerns was exactly what is going on now: he’d be a squish and push for gun control.

    Eventually that seemed to not be true, especially after Parkland. And he was putting good judges on the court that would protect gun rights. So I was considering voting for him in 2020.

    But now I don’t know. And if he signs gun control legislation, I’m definitely not. Because we need to send a message. And if that doesn’t work, let’s just accelerate the timeline for the coming war. Because the ballot box will have failed.

    1. Trump will lose a lot of base intensity if he caves. However I am not so sure he will Trump is very cunning. He will say something and then in the details change it .

      1. He’s talking the talk on “the gun discussion”, but he’s not going to pass anything. He does, in fact, know better than to piss off the people who put him where he is.

        He and the GOP might not be great on moving us forward, but they’re sure as hell not going to go backwards. They know what that will mean for them.

        We do need to be focussed locally on punishing the squishes, like Crenshaw.

  9. I still cannot accept the other parts of the Democrats platform. At this point, Trump has NOT done anything yet on the latest round of gun control proposals – and he will be under tremendous pressure to do so. To win, he somehow has to appeal to us (The gun rights fraternity) and also the rest of the country that doesn’t have our single minded focus. It will be difficult to come out of this pleasing enough voters to get by. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in his position.

    Now is when we need an effective NRA more than ever. We need that effective voice in Congree. The current issues HAVE to get resolved, and soon.

    Also, our own position is somewhat out of our hands. Another one or two mass murders, and all bets are off.

    1. “Also, our own position is somewhat out of our hands. Another one or two mass murders, and all bets are off.”

      A lack of proper long-term strategy has a lot to do with that. The NRA’s ill-conceived short-term strategy was to give in a little to stave off disaster. A long-term agenda of educating the public on guns and gun rights was pushed aside to make room for a fringe fund raising campaign. This legacy of Wayne’s NRA will last for quite a while and we haven’t even started fixing it.

      At least Colion Noir is now putting out much better videos. Rob Pincus had a short appearance on CBS Evening News. It’s a start.

  10. “my beef is with Wayne, not the NRA”

    It is really remarkable how all that corruption going on in the NRA was kept secret from everyone except Wayne and his small cadre of henchmen. Surely over almost three decades someone dedicated to guns and gun rights would have blown the whistle on it all, if only they had known.

    1. Perhaps it was a perfect storm of:

      (1) Honest people genuinely not knowing what’s going on. (If you weren’t in the inner circle, how would you really know what’s going on? And if you were…other incentives might start kicking in – not all of which were BAD ones per se…)
      (2) Honest people generally worried about how ANY sort of negative story might impact the fight for the right to keep and bear arms. (“We better not make a fuss about this, don’t want to give the left any ammunition against us. Let’s not look too closely while Obama/Hillary/Pelosi/Bloomberg is coming at us….”)
      (3) Dishonest people on the take, encouraging people in groups (1) and (2) to continue to not deviate from the path.

      Of course I don’t really know. But the scenario was pretty easy to spin up in my mind.

    2. If you had read Knox’s “The Gun Rights War” you would have known Wayne has been crooked for a long, long time.

      1. ^ This. Everyone knew Wayne had his hand in the cookie jar, but things were going well and he’s been assumed close to retiring for a while now.

  11. “Absent guns, I have no reason to show up to the polls to vote for Republicans. None.”

    I wish it was as simple for me. The days when I could just say the 2A was the ONLY factor in my vote are gone – mostly because of kids.

    Besides, all the howling I heard in mid/late November 2016 made me wonder: what the HELL did they have planned for us if Her Royal Clintoness had actually WON?

    1. “The days when I could just say the 2A was the ONLY factor in my vote are gone”

      I have a big campaign button in one of my clutter drawers that says “The Bill of Rights – all the amendments are important!”

      The day Donald Trump announced his candidacy he made it plain he was both an authoritarian and an autocrat – at the very least. Anyone who expected respect for any or all of the Bill of Rights, by the people who would cluster around him, had to be as mentally challenged as he is. Anyone who expected the SCOTUS Justices he would selectively nominate would respect the civil liberties defined in the Bill of Rights, was at least delusional.

      While knowing that all the pillars of the Bill of Rights are necessary for any of them to stand for long, gun owners believed that their amendment alone justified supporting an authoritarian and autocrat. Now everything is going to hell and everyone is wondering why.

      Yes, I know, Hillary. But we didn’t have to give either an authoritarian of the left or an authoritarian of the right, either our votes or our $30 million. But given no choice, we went ahead and chose to support an authoritarian.

      1. 2016 Electoral College votes; Clinton 232, Trump 306. See the electoral college is what decides the next President. And I don’t see a 3rd name up there with any votes. So what are you suggesting? We be nice quiet little RINO’s and let Hitlery have “her turn” instead of the mean nasty Trump? Maybe instead of playing keyboard kommando you could get out and help your guy get elected. Who did you support? McCain? Mittens? Whatever. Just remember no matter what we do, the socialists/fascists are never going to like us. And rolling over and hoping they will pat our bellies after we do what they want isn’t going to work. If you are waiting for Jesus to come back before you vote, you are going to have a long wait.

  12. If Wayne gave a damn about the 2A, he would have stepped aside months ago so the organization could focus itself with the real issues. He didn’t and won’t and he’s doing grave damage to our rights.

    1. Although I not supportive of protecting incumbents on the NRA board given the recent corruption situation, I don’t believe he is “preparing for the inevitable” by any stretch. He makes a good point about Trump being barred from gun ownership logically under the RF laws.

      1. Please read the comment section!!! The NRA leadership has supported red flag laws for over a year now with Chris Cox’s famous video, which has been taken down now just recently. Now, that a federal bribe bill for them is being heavily supported, NRA Director Todd Rathner suddenly opposes red flag laws and blames the NRA’s support for them on Chris Cox, who recently left.

        Either the NRA leadership was incompetent and let a rogue support for red flag laws be presented to the public for over a year by the head of the NRA-ILA, or they approved/supported this communication and are now running for the hills.

        NRA Signals Openness To Gun Removal Laws — With Conditions (March 19, 2018)

  13. Speaking of Bloomberg…

    “Bloomberg also cast doubt on the power of the National Rifle Association (NRA) to successfully lobby against measures such as universal background checks.”

    “The NRA takes no prisoners whatsoever and they lost 21 seats in the House. Flipped the House. And so now is the time to start working and helping the Republicans to see the light, because I don’t think this is a partisan issue,” Bloomberg told CBS’s Margaret Brennan.

    1. He’s such a scumbag, and it really makes me sick to see how he is betrayed as a benevolent, bleeding-heart, do-gooder.

      For all of his Propaganda against the “Gun-Lobby”, the Gun Rights Side has been abysmal, floundering, and pitiful in tarring and feathering Bloomberg as what he truthfully is; a member of the Democrat Party Billionaire Donor Class.

      Bloomberg is worth more $money than the entire US and European Gun Manufacturing Sector combined, and how our side has been unable to get that message across is truly sickening.

      “And so now is the time to start working and “HELPING” the Republicans to see the light, because I don’t think this is a partisan issue,” …….and he’ll be donating 100% of his $money… DEMOCRATS to “help” Republicans.

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