Need More Coffee…

Today’s starting out with a bang. A little too much bang before coffee was made, in my opinion.

Google has shut down John Richardson’s blog for the time being, claiming that he sells a regulated product. He doesn’t. He simply offers commentary on political issues that Google doesn’t support. Here’s his Twitter account for those interested in keeping up while he’s down.

More drama comes out of the NRA & AckMac lawsuits with accusations about Wayne supposedly wanting a $6 million mansion in the Dallas area funded by AckMac who would then bill NRA, according to WaPo. NRA says it was all AckMac’s idea. Honestly, I don’t trust either one and can easily see either party (or both!) being responsible for proposing for this kind of crap when the organization was already struggling financially.

I’m seriously considering offering some very sarcastic commentary on the house they were considering for Wayne & Susan. I really can’t stand fake old houses – those done in the style of older homes, but that are brand new and ridiculously furnished so far removed from what they were supposed to be inspired by. (There’s seating for 6-8 people surrounding the master bathtub. Questions, I have them.) Between my efforts to focus on positive things and lack of time, I’m going to resist for now. For now; I have screenshots in case I change my mind.

And then there’s the news that NRA and its Foundation are being sued by one of their big donors today. And that gets more interesting coming not long after the rumor that the board and other leaders lost their insurance to cover such situations. They are still indemnified, so NRA is picking up the tab no matter what the insurance situation is today. But since the Board has decided to fight indemnification for Oliver North, it’s pretty easy to understand why the best move for some was to resign since chances are good with that the board would make the same moves against anyone outside of the inner circle.

So, yeah, I think it’s time for more coffee. Or just maybe move straight to whiskey today. Either way, it’s a better way to get through the afternoon.

15 thoughts on “Need More Coffee…”

  1. You forgot to mention the NYS AG subpoenaing the financials of 90 current and former NRA Board members. More coffee needed indeed!

  2. “Google has shut down John Richardson’s blog for the time being, claiming that he sells a regulated product. He doesn’t.”

    This is more a technical question than anything else, but didn’t his blog host ads for ammunition?

    I don’t know what Google means by “regulated product” and I don’t know how much distinction should be made between what the site owner does, and what his advertisers do; I’m just suggesting an explanation without apologizing for that explanation.

    1. It’s plausible. And it seems that if that was the issue, they should be able to state it upfront so he can address it and decide if he wants to keep the banner ad or not.

      1. I checked with Anthony at to see whether other blogs hosted by which had their banner ads had been impacted. He checked for me this morning and it is only me. That ad has been up there since Sebastian and I attended the Luckygunner Blogger Shoot in 2011.

        1. Crazy. If you want to set up a new blog somewhere else and need some technical help, send me an email.

  3. Can someone explain to me why WLP can’t buy a house by himself? Power really does corrupt, doesn’t it.

    1. If you’re looking for security, you don’t want your name on the property records. So you set up a shell company to own the house. It’s not uncommon for celebrities to do this. Not saying this is all on the up-and-up, but if you buy a house yourself, it’s not hard for people to find out where you live.

  4. This NRA stuff is annoying, kind of like picking a little scab and finding a huge sore full of blood and pus. When I think naw, it can’t get worse more nasty bits and pieces flow to the top. I have been speaking with friends in Dallas and Oklahoma City who know some of the principal people in this mess and they have nothing good to say about any of them, just a bunch of buzzards eating off the NRA carcass while it is still alive. This is not a good time for the NRA to be fighting off parasites including those currently in its leadership.

    1. … Which is why the demon needs to be exercised. We do not have the luxury of dictating time nor place. If this had to happen, at least a Republican (albeit a potential squish on the “marginal” issues that tweak us) is in the White House. I suspect the bloodletting will need to continue for a while. However, from what I am reading (top headline on Drudge today) it appears that the NRA executive leadership, including WLP, has connected with Trump in the last few days and is properly exercising the carrot and stick approach. Good. It’s about time to show your worth. That’s what I know I pay them to do. We know that Donnie Junior has to be involved, too.

    2. “they have nothing good to say about any of them. . .”

      Last weekend sometime I told one of my Old Stories, about how at the time of the Cassidy-to-La Pew transition I saw that the NRA was turning to “factional management,” meaning hiring and firing by friendships, personal, political, and/or economic. I knew from industry such a system was always inherently corrupt, and never in my experience self-healing. I have never expected much out of the NRA since, and have always been frustrated by watching people take NRA goings-on at face value, based on management claims.

  5. This is bullshit, but I was astonished to see that he said on Twitter that he hadn’t backed anything up.

    This is your wake up call: don’t store stuff in the cloud without an offline backup.

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