4 thoughts on “Subpoenas!”

  1. There goes my hope that this destructive litigation nonsense would stop with the separation of the NRA and Ackerman McQueen. The longer this goes on, the more likely the NRA will go bankrupt due to a combination of outrageous legal fees, lack of donations, and increased legal exposure. Don McDougall is now even calling for LaPierre to step down and for NRA members to stop donating:

    Waynes’ NRA Leadership & Legal Fight Mess is Killing Fundraising For NRA Operations

    1. You have no idea how dangerously right you are. Even “Safe” States like Ohio are in trouble because of that f***ing scumbag, Michael Bloomberg and his fellow Wallstreet and Silicon Valley, DemocratParty Billionaire Donors, combined with the NRA being what looks to be a blazing dumpster-fire.


      We have school-board elections in Ohio, for all Municipalities, for 2019 as well, and these antigun slush fund groups are gonna be spending big $bucks on those too. States like TN, SC, MO, and KY also have municipal level elections in 2019 as well. All ripe for the picking for Bloomberg with the NRA nowhere to be found, but immolating in a dumpster-fire

    2. I know this isn’t a popular opinion, and it’s one that has been ridiculed before, but consider that the lawsuits could just be artifices for siphoning cash to friendly attorneys who are in on the scam.

      That would be somewhat similar to “corporate raiding” where corporations are taken over, bled for the value that can be sold off, and then discarded. We know that happens all the time, so I don’t see why what I’m suggesting would be beyond imagination.

      The only trick with my suggested scenario would be, figuring out who or what the raiding entity or faction was.

      1. I do believe that Bill Brewer is doing exactly that. The last number we heard was $100k per day. I have heard that this number is now higher. As always with the NRA, it is impossible to get reliable information due to the ongoing lack of transparency and accountability.

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