4 thoughts on “Internet Sales for Curios & Relics FFLs”

  1. That question looks like a trap. It’s asking about “your internet business”, and since a c&r doesn’t allow for the licensee to engage in the firearms sales business except for the occasional disposal of a personal collection, one could argue that answering the question is an admission of violation of the terms of the c&r license.

  2. I also like how the follow up question assumes you are running a business.

    And as we all know, you can’t use a FFL03 for a commercial business. Selling firearms with a FFL03 is pretty much restricted to the reason of enhancing your collection.

    So in theory, if you answer part two of the question, you’ve just admitted that you are using your FFL03 to run a business, which is not kosher. Which could allow the ATF to nail you for improper commercial use of a FFL03 if they wanted to.

  3. There has been a push to use the spectre of “Internet Gun sales” to show why there’s a need for a private sale ban.

  4. Agreed. The language regarding “internet business” struck me as odd in the context of the 03 FFL. It’s a collector’s license, and states “This license does not authorize holder to engage in the business of dealing in any firearms.”

    A trap? Perhaps. But in the case of the federal bureaucracy, my experience has been that stupidity is often a better explanation than is malice.

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