Ack-Mac Fires NRA as a Client

John Richardson has the story. Of course, this could also be exactly what NRA wanted, and Ack-Mac is just bending to the pressure and trying to spin this in public to maintain the narrative that they are the real victim here, if only for the sake of not scaring off their other clients.

I doubt either party really wants to take this to court, and have it become public, because I doubt either party will come out looking good. I expect this matter to settle.

3 thoughts on “Ack-Mac Fires NRA as a Client”

  1. Know when to hold them, &c.

    I can’t imagine Ack-Mac has more cash on hand to fight a legal war of attrition than NRA does. Or that Ack-Mac has enough reserves to make it to a courtroom. (Whether NRA does or not is irrelevant, see point one)

  2. Without explicitly seeing the services agreement and termination provisions, its hard to know what to make of this.

    This could simply be a necessary step to pursue the lawsuits (i.e. formally terminate the contract for breach of contract). If they failed to exercise certain clauses they may forfeit remedies in the lawsuit. Naturally they can spin this however they want. This is all sheer speculation only the lawyers with access to the contract know the truth. Time will tell.

    1. I agree, only time will tell what this actually means legally and financially for both organizations. I don’t think the lawsuits will continue, as they do damage to both organizations. Maybe this is just about cashing out as long as there is any money left?

      Many former Ack-Mac employees may soon work for the NRA directly or for another PR firm doing the same nonsense they did before, now just under a different name. It has always been the responsibility of the NRA leadership to set policy and to control its own house. Ack-Mac was just a convenient scapegoat for issues that will continue to exist.

      I guess this means the junk NRA Carry Guard insurance and the non-existent NRA Carry Guard training program are finally kaputt. Will the USCCA be able to come to the 2020 NRA Annual Meeting? Will the NRA’s Personal Protection Expo be cancelled? I guess this means Colion Noir is out of his job and Dana Loesch just lost some of her income. There is a lot of cleanup to do!

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